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Freewallet Announces Support for Bitcoin Gold


Freewallet team would like to make an official announcement on the coming Bitcoin fork on October 25th, 2017.

That’s the day the Bitcoin blockchain is going for a chain split resulting in the birth of a new cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Gold (BTG). The BTG fork is believed to be a “friendly” community-driven one pursuing the idea “to make Bitcoin mining decentralized again” by switching to a GPU-based mining algorithm.

Freewallet has been operating for almost 2 years, and our mission has always been keeping our users’ assets safe and providing opportunities to benefit from cryptomarket events. That is why we decided to support BTG, the new Bitcoin-based coin. All users keeping Bitcoin on their Freewallet addresses at the time of the fork will receive the equivalent amounts of Bitcoin Gold.

Our technical specialists have already started preparations to make the fork process for BTC wallet owners with Freewallet as smooth as it’s technically possible. No actions are required from our users; Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals will be available before, during and after the fork.

We’ll keep our users informed regarding the progress on the BTG support implementation. Please stay tuned and keep an eye on our updates on Facebook and Twitter!

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