Another Bitcoin fork, a reincarnation of the plan to apply Segwit2x, is taking place on December 28th, at block #501451. Just like with the Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold, Freewallet users who are holding BTC on their balances at the time of the fork will receive the equivalent amount of B2X.

The new coin will be available in our Multi Wallet for Android and for the web shortly after the fork, once the new chain is up and running. As soon as there’s an approval by Apple, B2X will be available in the version for iOS as well. Should there be a demand by the community, Freewallet would be glad to offer a dedicated wallet for managing the B2X portfolio.

We will be suspending operations on the BTC wallet for a brief period of time to ensure the security of our users’ assets. As soon as we make sure both chains are stable, Bitcoin operations with Freewallet will be resumed. It’s a great opportunity to get new coins, and Freewallet will make sure our users don’t miss it!

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