This information will be helpful for all those who work with Binance Smart Chain.

We have now realized the support of Binance USD (BUSDBSC) and USDT (USDTBSC).

You may have noticed that the addresses of this chain start with “0x”. It can be confusing and lead to an expectation that your BSC transaction can be automatically sent to the Freewallet Ethereum address starting with “0x”.

We would like to highlight that the Freewallet Ethereum addresses are NOT compatible with the addresses of the Binance Smart Chain.

Please note that we’re currently working on releasing the support of the Binance Smart Chain, and you might be able to see your token balance in the app. You will be able to experience the full functionality of the app with other BSC tokens once we release the full support of BSC.

Note: Freewallet does also support BUSD as an ERC-20 asset.