You can track the status of a transaction in real-time by the Request ID and share the receipt directly from the app, without the need of taking a screenshot.

What is a Request ID?

It’s a code composed of many digits (for example: de873969-8207-ca0c-d8a4-c3c4be00f15b) which is created for each transaction between Freewallet accounts.

To find it, click on the Details tab next to each transaction in the History section.

You can also send the Request ID to the receiver as proof of receipt who can verify the transaction status here.

Transaction statuses explained

Created – the transaction has been created on our side – received the request ID.

Validation – the transaction hasn’t been verified by email or canceled by the user.

Waiting for hash / Received hash – waiting for the blockchain to include the transaction in the queue for confirmation – once a transaction is in this status, it cannot be deleted.
The transaction hash is a unique number that identifies a transaction in the blockchain.

Pending – the transaction is taken into processing by the node and waiting to be inserted into a block.

Confirmations – the number of confirmations in real time. This is the pre-final step before the transaction is successfully completed.

Confirmed – the transaction has been successfully completed on our side and reached by the receiving service.

PLEASE NOTE: The transaction status is only available for 7 days.

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