Below you will find more information about the KYC procedure carried out by top security specialists in our team.

Please follow the instructions carefully and double-check the uploaded information prior to submission. 

Step 1:
Send screenshots of incoming transactions or deposits to Freewallet from the SOURCE PLATFORM. The screenshot must contain the hash, amount, and the name of the sending service fully and clearly.
Blurred, dark, and low-quality images cannot be read by our specialists. 
Links to public blockchain explorers or screenshots of your Freewallet account are not accepted.

Step 2:
Provide information about the origin of funds
Examples: screenshots of fiat conversion to crypto, a list of exchange transactions of payments from mining pools or trading platforms.

Step 3:
We want to make sure that no one has gained access to your documents and is trying to access your account. Send a clear closeup photo of your identification document in English: an international ID or a driver’s license being held in your hand. Photos must be of both sides of the document. 
Scanned and cropped images are not accepted.

Step 4:
Please send the following:

  • If you are using a web version of Freewallet: a photo of yourself in front of the image “Attention”. The image will be attached to one of our emails. Please print it out, write the date and your name with your hand in the bottom line next to our logo; the date must be the current date when you submit this paper. This photo must also show the device with your user ID clearly seen on it.

Step 5:
Send a clear closeup photo of an original paper version or an original PDF version of any of the following documents featuring your name and residential address:

  • bank card statement;
  • excerpt from a household register;
  • tax bill or tax return;
  • utility bill payment receipt (water/gas/internet/landline phone and so on). The mobile phone bill is not accepted.

The document should be addressed to your name and residential address and issued no longer than 3 months ago. 
Information should be in English. If the documents are in another language, please send a notarized translation.

Step 6:
Provide Links to active profiles in any social network. 

We understand that on some occasions, this information may require some time to retrieve.

How to speed up the process?

  • Send only clear, good quality photos with the required information following our instructions.
  • Do not submit multiple requests in one day, our specialists require time to check the provided information.

All the requests are processed in chronological order. If your submission is missing information or is incorrect, we will definitely get back to you with recommendations, however, it will delay the completion of the process. 

If you have any questions before submitting screenshots, links, photos, and documents, feel free to reach out to our live chat for an instant reply.

How long will it take? 

We strive to complete the process in the shortest period of time and provide the best quality service. Typically, it takes up to a few days for our specialists to review your documentation after its submission. If you don’t hear back from us within a few days, there might be a few reasons:

  • We may need more time to verify your documentation;
  • The number of requests is higher than usual;
  • Our reply is sometimes filtered as spam by specific email providers, please check your inbox.

For any other questions, please feel free to contact us here.