Do not worry! Nothing can be lost in the cold storage and your funds are safely stored in your Freewallet account.
If you are logged in and you were certain to have funds but see 0 balance, there can be a few reasons but most likely, you are logged in with different credentials from the ones used to set up your account. Thus, you accidentally may have created a new account which wouldn’t reflect any transactions.

Freewallet offers several login options. First, you can try to remember if you created your account using FacebookGoogle+, phone number or e-mail.

Please note that the ‘password reset’ option is only available to users who are registered by e-mail, since this is the only authentication method that requires a password to set up.

If you created your profile on Facebook or Google+, you just need to log in to your account using these social networks.
If you registered on your phone number, you can request a PIN change in the settings.

If you logged in to an empty account by mistake or can not remember your credentials, do not hesitate to contact our Support team.