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Freewallet Lite

A hierarchical deterministic wallet, created for advanced users. Client-controlled private key storage, total anonymity and 100% privacy.

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USD0.000TOTAL BALANCE0.0357 BTC6.81314 ETH5,973.150 SNT14.68298 OMG10.18326 EOS2.07315 DGD101.78991 BAT677.23469 QASH98.5344 BNT0.3708219 BCHLITE13:18ACTIVITYOVERVIEWWALLETS0.00USD0.00USD0.00USD0.00USD0.00USD0.00USD0.00USD0.00USD0.00USD10.00USDALL WALLETSSENDRECEIVEEXCHANGE
Lite Wallet screenshot 1
Lite Wallet screenshot 2
Lite Wallet screenshot 3

There is more:

Friendly design

  • Real-time BTC price and charts;
  • Balance in fiat currencies;
  • QR Code Support;
  • Direct link to BTC block explorer in transactions details.

High level of security

  • Restore wallet using mnemonic phrase;
  • PIN code and Touch ID (Fingertip ID);
  • 2-factor authentication.
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