When you log into the app or web version of your wallet, you can find Limits under Security tab. This is a feature that we have added to the wide range of security tools we offer. Setting a limit prevents anyone from withdrawing all your funds at once, in case if the access to your wallet was compromised. Please note that it’s users responsibility to make sure that login information and passwords remain nondisclosed.

In this section, you can set a limit for your withdrawals – per 24 hours or per week for each currency. Please note, these limits apply to both exchanging currencies within the app, and sending currencies to other wallets.

change bitcoin limits

For example, you set a limit of 100 DOGE per 24 hours in your Doge Wallet. This means that it will be impossible to withdraw more than one hundred DOGE per day from that account. It is important to keep in mind that the transaction fee is not included in this sum, only the transfer amount. If you didn’t spend 100 DODE during the day, the remaining amount will not be added up to the next day’s limit. On the next day, the limit will still be 100 DOGE. Once you set your withdrawal limit, you will not be able to change it for 2 or 10 days, depending on whether you set a daily or a weekly limit. The limit function activates the moment you initiate your first transaction. Please note that once you set up a limit for withdrawals for any cryptocurrency in your wallet, you will see a small lock on the currency icon you’ve chosen.

It looks like this:

btc ticket

It makes it easier to identify if you have any limits for withdrawals that you might have forgotten about.

In case you’d want to deactivate the limit option, please give us 2 days to process your request. after which the limit option will be disabled.

More about How to limit the daily/weekly withdrawals in the Freewallet: Crypto Wallet and Single-currency apps.

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