Freewallet is a business

Our development is financed by a group of private investors. Although Freewallet’s apps are and will always be free to use, we are planning to add some monetization features later. Currently we are developing legal infrastructure to empower Freewallet apps with fiat currencies and financial insurances.

We support freedom

We support anonymity and have a decentralized vision of the future, but most of all we support freedom of choice. That’s why we think that users should have both decentralized and centralized options to choose from.

Our reputation is important

At Freewallet we are always trying to improve the support we can offer our customers and innovate as a company. Our reputation depends on our growth in these directions. We are committed to improvement and continuously adapting so that if things go wrong once, they only go wrong once. 

We are oriented with the majority

With our large user base across our various apps, we’ve collected significant feedback that has allowed us to keep our finger on the pulse of market demands. We thoroughly test every feature to fit user requirements. Some of our solutions may lie outside of orthodox blockchain ideology, but they are made to serve the greater interests of our users and to make blockchain available for a wider audience.