Black Friday with Freewallet!

Celebrate Thanksgiving and enjoy Black Friday Special Offers! Check this out to find more about the opportunities of crypto trading with Freewallet.

Freewallet is happy to announce a special offer: a $500 gift card for just $300 only for you!

How to get a $500 gift card and pay only $300 for it?

1. Buy gift cards or make transactions with a total value of 1500 USDT and above. Purchase and exchange transactions are eligible for this offer.
2. Send a request for a $500 gift card to [email protected].
3. Follow the steps as advised by our team further.
4. Enjoy your gift!

The campaign starts on Thanksgiving Day and ends after Saint Nicholas Day (November 25 – December 7, 2021). All transactions qualified for the prize shall be conducted within the specified period of time. We’ll credit the gifts starting December 10.

Celebrate holidays with more gifts for you and your loved ones!



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