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Cardano Vs. Ripple: a Comparison

Cardano vs. Ripple: what are the main differences between these two popular cryptocurrencies?

How to Store Ripple Safely – Ultimate Guide 2021

How to Store Ripple Safely - Ultimate Guide 2021

Freewallet created an ultimate guide for storing Ripple (XRP) safely.

XRP price prediction for 2020 – 2025

XRP is one of the most interesting coins today. Despite a lot of arguments around it manages to keep leading positions and develop their project successfully. What may be the future price of XRP read in our blog.

The legal status of cryptocurrencies around the world

What is the legal status of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies around the globe? Check our review of crypto legalisation in Russia, China, South Korea and etc.

What is XRP destination tag and XLM memo and how does it work?

What is a destination tag and memo and how to use them?​ Read the article to know more.

Top crypto projects to watch in 2019

Let’s take a look at some of the projects that stand to influence the crypto market the most in 2019.

Freewallet releases long-anticipated XRP Wallet

Freewallet, a digital multicurrency wallet with over 3M users, is proud to announce the long-awaited listing of XRP on the Freewallet: Crypto Wallet, and a subsequent stand-alone XRP Wallet app for Android.

What is XRP and Ripple | Comprehensive Ripple Guide

Freewallet has added XRP to its list of supported coins. We’ve prepared a Ripple Guide for you.

Buy Crypto for Fiat Money with Freewallet

The crypto industry is becoming more and more user-friendly each day, but still, one of the most common questions among crypto beginners is how to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The Freewallet team has released an outstanding feature, which allows you to purchase crypto as fast and easy as ABC. Now our customers can buy coins seamlessly in their wallet, without having to visit other services or exchanges.

Our authors
Head of Public Relations at Freewallet.org

Our authors
Head of Public Relations at Freewallet.org