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El Salvador on the top of the Bitcoin trend

El Salvador on the top of the Bitcoin trend

El Salvador: the first country to accept bitcoin as legal means of payment.

What is 51% attack?

All that you should know about 51 % attack explained in our guide. What is 51 % attack, is it possible, what can you do with it?

6 Famous Bitcoin Obituaries That Missed the Mark

Bitcoin is dead, long live Bitcoin! This phrasing has been uttered on at least 390 occasions publicly since 2010 when Bitcoin first started gaining momentum. Today we bring you the best Bitcoin obituaries which can serve as a lesson to us all of the unpredictability and potential of the world’s leading cryptocurrency.

Weekly Bitcoin Summary: 21 Dec 2020 – 25 Dec 2020

This week has been rather volatile for bitcoin diving from $22.000 and soaring to $24.000. As the probability of future delisting of XRP by leading exchanges increased, the BTC price gained dominance.

Weekly Bitcoin Summary: 11 Dec 2020 – 18 Dec 2020

During the last 5 weekdays, bitcoin has surpassed its own performance of previous weeks and hit all-time High. It’s an exciting record to observe and we are willing to make some simple points in this respect.

Weekly summary on Bitcoin

Retracement is the predominant mood for the market. Last week BTC had even briefly plummeted to almost $17 500. Nevertheless, buyers have always been active when abrupt declines took place.

Buy food, cars, houses with Bitcoin

What companies are accepting Bitcoin as a payment – probably one of the most popular question among the beginners. Read our article to learn where you can buy food, cars and houses with crypto.

How to short Bitcoin and other crypto

Freewallet explains how to short BTC and things you should know before starting.

How to pay taxes on Bitcoin for trading and mining

Reporting on cryptocurrency gains has become a necessary part of life for many U.S. crypto traders. Freewallet explains how to calculate your crypto taxes and report it to the IRS.

The best ways to buy Bitcoin in the USA

New to cryptocurrency and looking to buy some BTC. Freewallet explains how to buy Bitcoin in the USA

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