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What is Bakkt and Why It is the Next Big Thing for the Crypto Sphere

Bakkt has drawn a lot of media attention in the crypto community recently. Freewallet tries to figure out – why is the Bakkt launch one of the most important events in the industry.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2019, 2020, 2025, 2030

Freewallet reviews the main price cycles of BTC during its 10 years history and gives price prediction for the future Bitcoin price

The top performing cryptocurrencies of 2019

The first half of a year has already passed and it’s time to find out what cryptocurrencies gained more than others.

Things you should know about Bitcoin futures explained

Can’t still put a finger on Bitcoin futures and how to use them? Here we are to explain everything about them.

The main reasons for the BTC price pump

April became a good month for BTC when the price jumped by $1000 just within a few hours. We gathered the main reasons for​ the BTC bullrun.

February Crypto Review

All February cryptocurrency news, which you should know.

The best freelance websites to earn cryptocurrency

Today, freelancing has become a staple of modern life. Being your own boss is a lot easier when you’re using crypto. Read about the best freelance platforms where you can earn cryptocurrencies.

The main obstacles to cryptocurrency adoption

Cryptocurrency mass adoption is a dream of crypto-community. It’s the second article in our research regarding the ​current state of crypto adoption.

Everything you should know about a Bitcoin ETF

Have you heard about a Bitcoin ETF? If your answer is no, then this article is for you.

January Crypto Review

Everything you need to know what happened in crypto industry in January.

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