When we hear about the use of Bitcoin, we often hear many stories and assumptions. But for us, one of the fundamental pros of using cryptocurrency is its ability to allow the transfer of value from one person to another or from one business to another in a completely transparent and censorship-resistant way.

Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, made this possible thanks to his genius almost ten years ago. Today, Bitcoin continues to serve this purpose. That’s why businesses around the world have started accepting Bitcoins as a means of paying for goods and services.


Bitcoin is ideal for making large purchases, like real estate, especially luxury houses. The Bitcoin Real Estate website presents real estate from around the world that you can buy for Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. It sells not only personal apartments, but also commercial facilities. If you decide to change your place of residence or open a business, the service will help you get everything you want for your crypto.

There are already quite a lot of real estate companies trading for BTC on the market. For example, the Knox Group company has been offering modern apartments in Dubai (UAE) in two Aston Plaza & Residences skyscrapers since 2017. Buying can be done with Bitcoins via BitPay. Also, the New York real estate agency Magnum Real Estate provides opportunities for its customers to pay with the most popular cryptocurrency.

Often, sellers of real estate located in resort areas agree to accept payments with BTC. For example, holdings with a total area of ​​0.56 hectares with a house and other buildings in California were sold for BTC in equivalent of $ 1.6 million. A resident of Miami sold his mansion for 1600 BTC.


Cars, like real estate, is another expensive property to sell for Bitcoins, especially when we are talking about premium-class vehicles. The very first automobile purchase for Bitcoin was made by 35 year old programmer Peter Saddington. He bought a Lamborghini in Newport Beach in California.
There are two websites where you can check the cars sold for Bicoin:

Beside them, there are other private dealerships that accept payment for cars with cryptocurrencies such as:

  • Ford Sam’s Pack (Dallas);
  • Tomcar with SUVs (Melbourne);
  • BitPremier with Ferrari, Bentleys, and even Hennessey Venom GT;
  • Overland Park Jeep Dodge Ram Chrysler (Kansas).

Apps, games and electronics

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the product of our modern age with its advanced technologies, so the IT sphere couldn’t help but become intertwined with crypto. For instance, Microsoft offers games, apps and films for BTC.

If you’re looking for more places to buy games, a well known service G2A Game Store also offers games for Bitcoin thanks to payment processor BitPay.

One of the biggest retail stores, Newegg, accepts BTC as payment. It is a large electronic store where you can buy computer systems, components, peripherals, etc. They offer international shipping to around 50 countries in Europe, Asia Pacifict, the Middle East and Latin America.

Previously, the well-known Steam playground accepted BTC as a payment as well, however, since December 2017, it has become impossible to buy games with Bitcoins. As the representative of the company explained, Steam refused to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment due to the high volatility of the cryptocurrency and high commission fees.


Travel companies were among the very first who started accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment. Here’s a list of services:

  • Travala – leading blockchain-based travel booking platform trusted by thousands of customers worldwide. You can find the best hotel for you in over 230 countries and pay it with over 20 cryptocurrencies including BTC, XRP, BNB etc.
  • Expedia – one of the world’s largest online agencies that accepts payments in BTC for hotel reservations.
    AirBaltic – it became the first airline that accepts digital currency Bitcoin in 2014.
  • Webjet – Australia and New Zealand leading travel agency where you can book everything you need for an excellent holiday: tickets, hotels, cruises, car rentals;
  • CheapAir – a site where you can find the cheapest tickets and accommodation on the globe.

According to statistics provided by travel companies, the number of sales after adding Bitcoin as a payment method has increased almost one and a half times. Travel agencies themselves say that offering alternative payment methods is a great way to attract new customers.

Online stores

Overstock was the very first online store that included Bitcoin as a payment option. It is a large marketplace where you can find almost anything, from furniture and clothes to electronics and pet supplies. The store delivers all over the world and accepts major coins such as BTC, ETH, XMR, DASH and LTC.

  • Shopify – an e-commerce platform that allows users to create their own online stores.
  • Etsy – a very popular platform for selling handmade goods in Europe and the USA. Today, nearly 100 sellers accept BTC.
  • Amazon (not directly) – the biggest online retailer can accept Bitcoin via Purse.io where you can shop for anything on the site.

Gift Cards

A large number of Bitcoin transactions are made thanks to the purchase of gift cards. You can buy them in most large stores and small local businesses both online and offline. Some services offer gift cards of various denominations – they can also be purchased for Bitcoins. Among the most famous: eGifter, Gyft, Purse.io, Cryfter, Instagift, Yes to Bitcoins and the Fold App.

Food and drinks

We list the most famous places where they offer food for Bitcoin:

  • Coffee – Some pubs and coffee bars were inspired by cryptocurrencies. For example, a Bitcoin Coffee in Prague, where drinks can only be paid for with cryptocurrency;
  • Recently, payment company FastBitcoins has entered into an agreement with the Estonian coffee house Sativa Store and a CBD shopping center. Now the service allows people to buy BTC and spend it in stores. Plus, it reduces transaction fees, which makes cryptocurrency purchases more accessible and efficient.
  • Beer pubs were one of the first services that announced the acceptance of Bitcoin along with fiat currencies. The famous Old Fitzroy establishment in Sydney, back in 2013, began accepting BTC and was the first Australian pub to become interested in cryptocurrencies as a means of payment;
  • Grilled cheese – at Great Lost Bear in Portland, Maine, all dishes on the menu, including grilled cheese, can be paid in cash, by credit card or with Bitcoins.

Cryptocurrency Donations

Bitcoin has become very popular among charity organisations as a payment method. A lot of people prefer to donate anonymously, which is very easy with Bitcoin. Here’s a list of organisations to which you can easily donate with Freewallet:

  • The Water Project – this organisation provides sustainable water projects to communities of sub-Saharan Africa, suffering from the lack of clean water.
  • Tunapanda – they train young people to run businesses which solve the local problems faced by specific regions.
    Internet Archive – this non-profit organisation gathers millions of books, articles, films, etc. on the web and offers access to this knowledge for everyone free of charge.
  • United Way – they solve health, education and financial stability issues. The organization works all over the world and strives to provide growth and sustainability to communities worldwide.

You can find legit and verified organisations on the Bitcoin for Charity List website with their Bitcoin addresses.


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