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What is Crypto Mining Malware & CryptoJacking

The use of crypto mining malware has been rising with the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies. Criminals hijack the computers of big companies to mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins on them. But this threat can potentially affect ordinary users too.

How to start mining: initial capital, mining gear and infrastructure

We continue our series of posts regarding cryptocurrency mining.

How To Pick Coins To Mine in 2019

Our look at mining continues with a primer on what’s coming in 2019. Claude Lecomte, CEO of MinerGate joins the blog to take us through some of the basics of crypto mining.

A cumbersome, intricate, personal intro to mining

The buzz of Bitcoin mining has gone, but there are still millions of people interested in making money out of thin air. Technically, this is exactly what mining is, but as you know, the devil is in the detail. Here’s what you should know before you overpay for your first mining rig on craigslist.

Free off-chain withdrawals for all MinerGate users

Together with the MinerGate team, we have been testing the infrastructure and technology of off-chain microtransaction for 8 months. Since December 2017, Minergate users have had an option to withdraw mined assets to Freewallet. These transactions were free of charge and instant.

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