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Ethereum Merge: News and Freewallet updates

Ethereum Merge: News and Freewallet updates

Ethereum Merge is the transition of the Ethereum mainnet from Proof-of-Work consensus protocol to Proof-of-Stake.

Cardano Vs. Ethereum: A Comparison

Let’s find out the similarities and differences between Candano and Ethereum together.

Litecoin vs Ethereum — the main differences

LTC and ETH are still among the most popular cryptocurrencies today. We compared the main features from mining to price fluctuations of these cryptos in our blog.

2021 in Crypto & Blockchain. Highlights of the year

Check out highlights of the 2021 year in crypto!

How to store ETH safely — the ultimate guide

Why is Freewallet one of the most convenient platforms for Ethereum

Freewallet has supported Ethereum London fork

Ethereum London fork is scheduled for Thursday, August 5. Ethereum price has notably surged.

Ethereum VS EOS Close Up Comparison | Is EOS a Good Ethereum Alternative?

Ethereum vs. EOS – Freewallet analyzes both coins’ main features and their place on the Dapps market. Take a closer look at EOS and ETH scalability, smart contract features, Dapp transaction volume, etc.

Ethereum Price Prediction 2020 and 2025

Ethereum is going to boost its platform and develop Ethereum 2.0. The first iteration will be released next year. So here comes the question: what will the price of ETH look like in the next 5 years?

Freewallet has appeared on a Netflix show

Recently, Freewallet has been featured on the Netflix show called the OA.

February Crypto Review

All February cryptocurrency news, which you should know.

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