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Dogecoin vs Bitcoin Comparison

Dogecoin vs Bitcoin Comparison

Freewallet presents a comparison between Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

Why is Bitcoin Worth So Much?

Why is Bitcoin Worth So Much

Freewallet analyzes the factors influencing the price of Bitcoin, its main features and differences from traditional currencies.

The Sound and the Fury of Bitcoin in 2021

How did Bitcoin behave in 2021? Let’s find it out

Bitcoin Vs. Waves Comparison

In this Bitcoin vs. Waves comparison we want to analyze two crypto projects that could set records — but for different reasons.

2021 in Crypto & Blockchain. Highlights of the year

Check out highlights of the 2021 year in crypto!

Win Your Prize in a New Giveaway From Freewallet!

Win Your Prize in a New Giveaway From Freewallet

Three prizes to celebrate the historical maximum of Bitcoin.

What is Bakkt and Why It is the Next Big Thing for the Crypto Sphere

Bakkt has drawn a lot of media attention in the crypto community recently. Freewallet tries to figure out – why is the Bakkt launch one of the most important events in the industry.

The top performing cryptocurrencies of 2019

The first half of a year has already passed and it’s time to find out what cryptocurrencies gained more than others.

Things you should know about Bitcoin futures explained

Can’t still put a finger on Bitcoin futures and how to use them? Here we are to explain everything about them.

Update your wallet address

Freewallet has updated outdated BTC, BCH, BTG, DASH, DOGE, LTC and ZEC addresses as a matter of security. Please use only new wallet addresses for deposits.

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Our authors
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