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Cardano Vs. Ethereum: A Comparison

Let’s find out the similarities and differences between Candano and Ethereum together.

Cryptocurrencies to stake in 2022

Cryptocurrencies to Stake

Freewallet shares a complete guide to the best cryptocurrency to stake in 2022.

How to store ETH safely — the ultimate guide

Why is Freewallet one of the most convenient platforms for Ethereum

Ethereum Price Prediction 2020 and 2025

Ethereum is going to boost its platform and develop Ethereum 2.0. The first iteration will be released next year. So here comes the question: what will the price of ETH look like in the next 5 years?

The legal status of cryptocurrencies around the world

What is the legal status of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies around the globe? Check our review of crypto legalisation in Russia, China, South Korea and etc.

Freewallet has appeared on a Netflix show

Recently, Freewallet has been featured on the Netflix show called the OA.

Freewallet to support upcoming ETH Constantinople / St. Petersburg hard fork

If you’ve been keeping up to date with the latest news in the cryptoverse, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the Constantinople hard fork. Everyone’s buzzing right now about Ethereum’s upcoming hardfork, and, like always, not all the information out there is accurate.

Ethereum Wallet by Freewallet is back in Google Play Market

Ethereum Wallet by Freewallet on Android, one of the first Ethereum wallets with the largest current user database is finally back and available for download on Google Market. It has been missing from the Play Market for almost a week and the Freewallet team would like to explain the situation and elucidate to its users why it happened.

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Our authors
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