The Caribbean Islands are first and foremost known as tourist destinations, but they have also picked up a reputation as shady offshore havens. Solomon Brown, head of PR at Freewallet and crypto expert, recently delved into what’s going on with the crypto industry in the Caribbean.

A hotbed for fintech, the Caribbean has been revitalized by the growing and largely unregulated Bitcoin market. Caribbean regulatory stances on cryptocurrency have been slow to evolve but the way they have been developing points to a more transparent future. Statutory regulations vary from island to island. Islands like the Bahamas and Antigua and Barbuda are well on their way to having established cryptocurrency regulations, Haiti’s viewpoint on the matter can be called controversial and Cuba is a bit behind the ball on passing cryptocurrency laws.

Solomon Brown has organized a virtual crypto excursion to the Bahamas, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Barbados, and Jamaica. If you want to read more about the current state of crypto in the Caribbean click here for the full article.


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