The cryptocurrency industry is relatively young, but it already has a vast community with different types of enthusiasts. As part of the crypto world, we at Freewallet have taken a look at our customers and identified several types of crypto users. Let’s see what kind of user you are:

The enthusiastic crypto newbie

Crypto newbies are only at the beginning of their long crypto path. Excited and hopeful, they try to grasp all the concepts and nuances of the crypto-world as fast as they can. Numerous articles, tons of videos with lessons, reviews and opinions – this is the daily diet of a carried away crypto beginner. Don’t underestimate them. The more newbies learn – the faster they transform into another type of user and Freewallet plays an important part in this journey.

To make the life of a crypto user more convenient, our wallets are designed like the best banking apps, with a clear and familiar flow. It won’t confuse a beginner with private keys, gas fees, etc. With our intuitive interface, it is easy to send and receive more than 40 coins and tokens just with a few clicks. If anything goes wrong, our customer support is ready to assist 24/7. In addition, we have a chatbot with a knowledge database replete with all the main concepts of the cryptocurrency industry. So, if you need to learn some basics, feel free to check it out.

If you are an enthusiastic crypto newbie we are glad to see you on board. Be patient, study, and have fun; one day you’ll become a great crypto master.

The experienced hodler

This type of user always sees the glass half full and stays positive even if Bitcoin takes a dip. The hodler doesn’t know the word ‘panic’ and he keeps his ground in the face of FUD. The experienced crypto enthusiast is he who buys only when he truly believes in a project and a team. The typical hodler does his own project research, studies the WP, tracks all the news in the media about the project, and only then makes a final decision. These users prefer to keep their assets for a long time for a greater profit than constantly playing with exchange rates. Security is essential for those store funds for a long period of time. So, Freewallet provides the requisite safety with a number of cool features boosting their security:

  • Cold wallets protect your money from hackers making it impossible to steal.
  • PIN and 2FA protect your account from the interference of your long-nosed neighbour.
  • Multisig via emails ensure that only you can make transactions.
  • Transaction limits make it impossible to withdraw all your money at once.

If you are willing to play the long game and have extended time frames, you are probably an experienced hodler.

The nerves of steel trader

Traders have a simple aim: to buy low and sell high in a short period of time. They eat bearish news for breakfast and make a profit even when the market is falling. Their day starts not with a cup of coffee but a price charts analysis. The common strategy of traders is to use the volatile crypto market for their own benefit. Trading definitely requires some guts, because while it can bring you massive returns, it can also wipe out all your money.

Traders have a vast crypto portfolio, which helps them play with prices and see some gains. For such people, Freewallet offers its fast and secure built-in exchange. They can trade more than 30 popular cryptocurrencies right in the wallet. For more convenience, Freewallet features real-time price charts to help them keep track of their balance in fiat currencies and stay up-to-date on the latest exchange rates of their crypto-portfolio.

Are you a thrill seeker? Technical analysis is a way of life for you? Well, it looks like you might just be a trader. But, don’t get overexcited in this risky business, because as fast as you can make money, you can lose it even faster.

The everyday user

Definitely, crypto users come in different shapes and sizes, but there’s one which combines a bit of all of them. It is called the everyday user. Yep, that simple, and it is the majority of us. We hodl, trade and sometimes lack a little knowledge. For most of us, we treat it as a kind of hobby and have a good time learning and trying new stuff. No rush or pressure, only pure interest, fun, and belief that crypto will become something bigger in the future.

The everyday user keeps several currencies in their portfolio, or maybe they are a one-coin person, who prefers only Ethereum or Monero for it’s high level of privacy and security. A user makes transactions and exchange operations almost everyday. This type values convenience and wants a safe place for coins, especially in light of the news regarding hacking attacks. They study and learn to perform better in this unpredictable market. They share the same features of each crypto user more or less.

It doesn’t matter in what form you recognise yourself, the most important thing that we all are part of this intricate industry. We believe in what we are doing and are ready to tell everyone about it to make the crypto sphere better.


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