We are happy to share the newest article written by Solomon Brown, our Head of PR. This insightful publication is live on Coincentral.

Since its founding in October 2017, this media outlet has experienced rapid growth and passionate support from the community. They built an audience of over 1 million readers in under a year. The team delivers comprehensive information that is hard to find elsewhere, all in a format and voice that the crypto community looks forward to reading. Published articles consist of not only guides and news, but also conversations with opinion leaders that illuminate how blockchain and cryptocurrency are changing the world, from business and culture to art and science.

The article by Solomon Brown paints a complete picture of cryptocurrency regulation and the prospects of crypto assets in Eastern Europe. The region is full of active young entrepreneurs who are engaged in prospective start-ups and therefore are especially interested in lightning-fast financial transactions of high quality and without intermediaries. However, Eastern Europe hasn’t achieved a common regulatory consensus regarding cryptocurrency. Several countries are rather pro. “One might be surprised to learn that Georgia is the world’s second-largest mining country after China, Moldova has legalized cryptocurrency mining, and Belarus is predicted to become the European Hong Kong,” according to Solomon Brown. On the other hand, cryptocurrency circulation will probably be banned in Russia and digital money is not considered a legal means of payment in Hungary.

If you want to find out more about cryptocurrency in Eastern Europe, click here for the full article. Enjoy!


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