Halloween Scary Tales

Are you getting ready to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve? Our fantastic team wanted to tell you a couple of harrowing tales based on real events. Let’s have some skele-fun!

  1. Once upon a midnight dreary, a user called Dracula participated in an ICO and entered his Freewallet address as a destination address. Little did he know what awaited him: sending an unsupported token to your wallet will result in a lengthy refund process with no definitive time frame. Fortunately for Dracula, he has lots of free time and another 300 years of nightlife ahead of him. If you don’t have as much time to spare, don’t make the same mistake – always check our list of supported tokens.
  2. Upon that night, when fairies light, a werewolf sent ETC to an ETH address, because they looked so alike. The transaction could be seen in the blockchain, but the destination wallet was spine-chillingly empty. His hair would have turned grey from terror if it hadn’t already, while he was flooding the support team with SOS messages. Turns out, cross chain transactions can be a nightmare – both for you and for our support team.
  3. On the darkest of nights, when the wolves are howling and users are asking, “why is my balance zero?” Freewallet itself can feel like a haunted house with all of the ghost accounts lingering around. You can hear users chanting “zero…zero…zero…is this a scam?” There’s no witchcraft to blame for this: an account created one way, simply cannot be accessed any other way. In other words, if you registered with your phone number, don’t try to log into your account using your email – you’ll just create another empty account. The moral of this story is – memorise your login information well.

Even on the scariest days – we are there for you, feel free to contact our support team if you’ve got any questions.

Creep it real, and happy Halloween!


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