The past couple of weeks we’ve been posting about our special security features — cold storage, transaction limits, multisig. The next in the pipeline is PIN code, which we’ve recently made mandatory for all our accounts.

What’s this all about?

From now on, all Freewallet accounts must be protected with a PIN code. Whether you are using web, iOS or Android app, you’ll be prompted to create a PIN code next time you open your wallet.

Why are we doing this?

Traditional bank apps have been using PIN codes for a long time, since it was introduced as one of the obligatory user authentication factors.

Since we have always been embracing fintech’s finest security practices, authentication with a PIN code has been implemented in our apps from the very beginning. However, it was an optional feature, and not many of our users took advantage of it.

So, we’re now making a PIN code a mandatory security feature, since, you know, your assets can’t be protected too much.

How does PIN code work in your Freewallet account?

In Freewallet apps, a PIN code is used as a second authentication method. Don’t mix it up with 2FA — that one requires a separate authenticator app and is used only at login. A PIN code is a mandatory security feature and is also used during active sessions. For example, when you enter your Freewallet app on a mobile device, you don’t need to input your login and password every time, so a PIN code protects it from unauthorized access.

When will you be prompted to enter your PIN code?

  • Upon entering any of the Freewallet apps
  • When your app is idle for 10 minutes

The latter will keep your assets safe when you leave your device unattended for some time, and to make logging in more efficient as it eliminates the need to type in your login information every time you reopen your wallet – now you can simply log in by using your PIN code.

What Freewallet apps require PIN codes?

All of them. To keep using any of our apps (web app included), you’ll need to create a PIN code. However, here are a few details we’d like to highlight:

  1. Mobile Crypto Wallet apps and the web app are connected. That means you can access the web app with the same credentials and PIN code that you use on your mobile device.
  2. Standalone mono-currency wallets are not connected to Crypto Wallet in the same way. That is to say, if you have a PIN code enabled for your Crypto Wallet app, you will still be prompted to create a new one for your Bitcoin Wallet.

How to enable a PIN code in your Freewallet app

After the recent update, a PIN code has become a mandatory feature in all our apps. We wanted to make the transition process as smooth as possible, so if you haven’t yet enabled it, you will simply be prompted to create a PIN code next time you enter your Freewallet app.

  • New users will be asked to do so upon registration
  • Current users will be asked to create a PIN code upon launching their app after the update

You must have questions, bring it on!

We’ve tried to make this feature work seamlessly, but in the very unlikely event that it doesn’t, or if you have questions – for example, “how do I change my PIN code?”, “why is my PIN code wrong?”, “I’ve exceeded the maximum number of the wrong PIN code entries, HELP!” — that’s the kind of stuff our Support team will help you with. Don’t hesitate to ask.


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