February was a short but intense month for us. We organised two giveaways on social media, with our Saint Valentine’s Giveaway on Reddit gathering 127 crypto-related comments that finished the phrase “Love is….” How do you like this one: “Love is hodling you to the moon!”?

As for us, if media coverage was the fuel for our spaceship we’d be able to go not only to the moon but to Mars and further.

Freewallet in Reviews

Leaders in the crypto space have called Freewallet a “crypto Swiss Army Knife” for being an all-in-one solution available not only for Android and iOS but also as a web platform. It’s a universal platform to buy, sell, store and manage crypto, and that’s why media outlets have shown a sustained interest in reviewing its features and functions.

“Freewallet apps are available in 13 languages and support 45+ coins and multiple ERC20 tokens. Interestingly, TRON, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold got their first-ever mobile apps launched by Freewallet” – said Kryptomoney.com.

“Making a payment with Freewallet, you can make yourself safe by using multiple email addresses. In other words, to confirm a transaction, it is required to input all the emails in the chain twice at the very minimum” – wrote to Thecoinrise.com.

Freewallet in Rankings

Freewallet supports BTC, LTC, ETH and 100+ other crypto assets. The variety of available cryptocurrencies has seen Freewallet get included in different rankings lists across the industry.

“Freewallet comes with a bank card purchase option for eight cryptocurrencies and a built-in exchange service for multiple assets. Further, you can also buy a mobile top-up from the Freewallet app” – said Cryptonewsmonitor.com.

“The most enjoyable part is free transfers between Freewallet users. The wallet is secured by two-factor authentication and pin-code. You can also add your fingerprint on your phone to keep your assets safe” – highlighted Cryptomoneyteam.co.

New Crypto-Geography series

Solomon Brown, our Head of PR and resident crypto expert, wanted to go on vacation. While he was searching for the best tickets and hotels, he found two interesting destinations to continue his crypto-geography series. He delved into what’s going on with the crypto industry in the Caribbean and Malta, and in the process forgot about his vacation. How come, Solomon?

  • Coincentral.com Cryptocurrency Regulation in the Caribbean: Is It the Perfect Sandbox?
  • Cryptoglobe.com Malta. Crypto Regulations That Made Blockchain Island Flourish

The discussion about custodial vs. non-custodial wallets in the crypto community is very heated. Freewallet, as a custodial wallet, has significant benefits, especially for beginners to crypto trading. We are happy when we read media coverage of the issue that presents it in a light that is fair to both sides.

“Unlike non-custodial apps, centralized, or custodial wallets offer users the possibility of recovering access at any time. Additionally, custodial wallets often make the technical process of using a cryptocurrency wallet much easier on the user. Custodial wallet platforms often prioritize taking care of end-user comfort by improving features and instructing beginners on how to interact with the crypto market” – said Coinspeaker.com.

Coinspeaker.com Are Custodial Wallets Better Than Non-custodial Solutions?


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