Last month was big for the crypto community. Ethereum grew fast, and Vitalik Buterin transferred $1.4M of ETH in preparation for the planned 2.0 staking. Elsewhere Bitcoin surpassed $15K, and crypto companies all over are increasing their influence. Have you heard that the trading platform Bybit has announced a multi-year partnership with one of Germany’s biggest football clubs, Borussia Dortmund? Perhaps we will be able to buy tickets to football games with crypto shortly.

Simultaneously, one of the leading cryptocurrency news sites is shutting down after experiencing a 71% fall in mobile traffic due to a recent update to Google’s search rankings.

Nevertheless, we at Freewallet remain bullish on the future of the industry.

Freewallet in Reviews

Freewallet allows customers to buy, send, receive, and exchange cryptocurrencies as well as top up their phones. Such a wide range of functions alongside the highest security standards explains the popularity of Freewallet among its more than 3 mln users.

“Today, Freewallet is used in more than 100 countries, including the UK and the USA. Moreover, the application interface is available in 13 different languages,” – writes Visionary Financial.

“There are hundreds of cryptocurrency wallets now available on the market, but only a few are really helpful, self-contained, and easy-to-use. Freewallet is one of the services that meets all three of those criteria, which is why it has become the service of choice and preferred option of many crypto enthusiasts,” – concludes The | Fast Transactions And Low Fees By Freewallet | Freewallet Review: Is It A Safe Cryptocurrency Wallet? | Freewallet: A Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet | Freewallet Review | Multi-currency Crypto Wallet: Freewallet Review | Buying Bitcoin with a Bank Card: Freewallet Review

Freewallet in Rankings

Of course, online rankings are not always the best thing to set your clock by, but it’s a nice feeling to find yourself on the top. Isn’t it?

“Freewallet’s bitcoin wallet is a convenient place to start or move further with your crypto journey. In other words, it is a perfect place to send and store bitcoin and manage your digital portfolio,” – says, which includes us in the top 10 best bitcoin wallets of all time. | What are the best multi-currency software crypto wallets? | Top 10 Best Bitcoin Wallets of All Time
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This time Solomon Brown, our Head of PR, had the pleasure of speaking with CryptoDaily. The talk was about current crypto trends. The questions covered stablecoins, industry changes during the pandemic, up-to-date crypto wallet features, design, etc. Also, Solomon shared some interesting stats showing consumer behavior trends. “Among stablecoins, Tether is the asset in the highest demand. 80% of transactions made with stablecoins on Freewallet include USDT and USDT20” – according to Solomon.

С | Freewallet Insights And Crypto Trends – An Exclusive Interview With Solomon Brown.


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