For Freewallet September is a traditionally important month. We start a great recap of what we’ve done, what we are going to finish till the end of the year, what are we going to do after that. Marketing and PR start working on campaigns for the next year, and the air smells… publications.

We at Freewallet decided to make a monthly review of what had been published in the media about our wallet. Welcome the first such digest, where you can find all the interesting mentions of Freewallet.

Let’s start.

1. BNB Support. In the very beginning of September, we announced long-anticipated support for BNB coin, a coin brought by Binance exchange, that is, according to Coinmarketcap, in top-10 among all cryptocurrencies. You can find all the info on our trusted media partners’ sites by those links:

2. Blog interview with Justin Sun. We opened a new rubric on our blog. We at Freewallet now organize interviews with influential people from the crypto world to be sure that our dedicated community gets the most interesting news from the most interesting people. Our debut interviewee was Justin Sun, CEO and founder of the TRON Foundation.
Firstly, thank you, Justin, it was truly awesome to work with you. And also thank you media that shared this news to their readers:

3. New reviews to Freewallet. Lately, we were fascinated to find two high-grade reviews on 99bitcoins and Cryptogeek. Thank you guys for gathering this all up and working it out, your work is very important.
So, anyone interested in reading about Freewallet and how it all works for the user, please follow those links:

4. Interview at NewsBTC. Our PR department is traditionally working day and night with crypto media of all kinds. Solomon Brown, head of PR department, spoke to one of the highest-tier crypto media outlets, NewsBTC, about Freewallet and how it all works here, and also how, well, we all work here.

5. New CryptoGeography articles. The last, but not least. As you remember, Sol from time to time publishes his own articles on different crypto media. We really don’t know how this mister manages his time and where does he find it, but as a matter of fact – for a bit more than a month Solomon produced three big articles, reviewing what’s going on with crypto in Mexico, the US and the UK.
Check those articles on CryptoDaily:

More publications are coming. If you liked what you’ve read – follow us on social media – Twitter or Facebook — for our latest analytical articles, company updates and PR materials.


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