For a long time the Freewallet team has been supporting Monero Original (XMO). However, we have decided to delist Monero Original and swap it with another hard fork coin – Monero Classic (XMC). Starting today, Freewallet customers can enjoy all operations with Monero Classic in their Freewallet: Crypto Wallet on the web, iOS and Android.

Hold on, do I need to exchange my XMO with XMC?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything and your funds are safe. Freewallet is a hosted wallet and we take this responsibility on ourselves. We have swapped your XMO coins with Monero Classic and now you own the same exact amount of XMC. So if you had 5000 of XMO now you have 5000 XMC in your wallet.

Why have you decided to do a swap?

The reason behind our decision is simple – Monero Classic is the most active and promising project in terms of development among other Monero chain hard forks. The recent upgrade to the Monero Classic code performed on October 16, 2018 fixed bugs and increased network stability. The results and development flow of the project make XMC the most interesting among the other Monero forks. We always strive to provide Freewallet customers with the best coins, that’s why we’ve moved our support to Monero Classic. If you are more tech-savvy, feel free to check out the details of the update on its GitHub.

About Monero Classic

Monero Classic is a hard fork of Monero that happened on April 6th. Originally, Monero initiated a hard fork of the network at block height 1546000 to be anti-ASIC – special CPUs designed for mining, but more effective and energy-efficient.

However, even before this, the development team “declared independence”, refusing to follow the chain with the updated algorithm and remain on the old chain, which was immediately named Monero Classic (XMC). Supporters of Monero Classic argue that the change by the developers of the Proof-of-Work protocol creates greater centralization. They decided to stick to principles of the original Monero chain and be ASIC-friendly.

If you have any questions regarding the Monero Classic or need any assistance please contact our support team.


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