We’re happy to announce that we have released the new EOS Wallet for iOS and Android where you can store, send and receive the new EOS coins operated on its mainnet and — most importantly — perform all transactions completely free of charge!

Yes, that’s right. Any withdrawal transaction in the new wallet is 100% fee-free, whether you want to transfer your EOS or exchange it with another coin.

The new EOS wallet by Freewallet can be topped up with almost any cryptocurrency. You can also keep your EOS in Freewallet: Crypto Wallet (on Android, iOS and the web), which manages multiple coins and enables users to cross-exchange them in one place. But even that’s not all! If you held any EOS(ERC20) tokens on June 1st 2018, we have automatically swapped them to new EOS.

What is EOS anyway?

Initially, EOS was an Ethereum-based token issued to support the creation of EOSIO, a blockchain platform for the development of decentralized applications (DAPPs), similar to Ethereum in function.

After the release of the EOSIO platform, the mainnet was launched and EOS became a standalone coin.

Free transactions. Really?

We’ve released a completely new type of EOS wallet. Operating on both Android and iOS, it fully supports the new mainnet operated EOS coins and allows users to perform all transactions completely free of charge. Additionally, all transactions between Freewallet users are instant — a feat made possible via off-chain technology — the future of personal financial services.

EOS has also been added to Crypto Wallet, where you can securely store, send and exchange it with any other supported coin. Again, free of charge.

Do I need to exchange my old EOS tokens for the new coins?

No, we have done it for you.

To receive the new coins after the mainnet launch, all EOS holders had to personally register their tokens on the block.one website.

As a hosted wallet, we took it upon ourselves to register our users’ EOS in bulk. Thus, for all our users who held EOS(ERC20) tokens in their wallets on June 1st 2018, we have done a zero effect swap.

Zero effect — what is it?

The zero effect swap has not affected your balance. It means, that for every EOS(ERC-20) token you previously held in your account, you will receive the same amount of new EOS tokens. Just check your Crypto Wallet balance right now or download the EOS wallet!


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