The Universal Guide on Your Issues with Freewallet Service

In this article, we collected answers to 90% of your questions. Try out the suggestions in our guide and recollect details needed to reflect missing deposits, restore your account access, locate the balance of your transaction.

Can’t log in?


  • your internet connection;
  • you’re signing in with the right credentials (Gmail option instead of email, for example);
  • there are no system upgrades announced through in-app notifications and social media;

Finally, try to change the device or log in here.

Your balance is 0

In 99% of cases, you logged in incorrectly creating a new account. Try to remember how you logged in to your Freewallet account the first time and sign in, using the correct way (FB/phone number/Gmail/email).

If you need help, contact our support team.

Haven’t received funds:

Below you will find the info required to investigate your request:
– transaction hash or ID, payment ID.
– screenshot of the withdrawal history from the sending service with the hash/address/amount visible on the screenshot.

Issues with the exchange?

Please provide the transaction hash or transaction id (you can find it in the transaction details directly in the app).
A screenshot of the failed exchange is also helpful.

Recover 2FA, PIN, and change email

Contact support with:
– user ID (from the settings);
– login option associated with your account;
– the registration date (approximately);
– wallet currencies and addresses/IDs;
– most recent balance;
Our team may ask for additional information.

Do you have any questions left? Contact our support team and receive helpful answers right away!



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