Where and How to Buy EOS

EOS, the crypto built to make it easier for people to benefit from the advantages of blockchain technology, is among the most reliable projects in the crypto space. 

But, as for any investment asset, it’s important to know all the useful information available. 

From this article, you will learn not only the characteristics and functioning of this crypto project but also find out how and where to buy EOS if you’re interested in owning this digital asset.

How to Buy EOS?

You can buy EOS on all the crypto exchanges that support it. Of course, it’s always important to verify the reliability of the exchange you choose. 

Different exchanges provide you with different terms of use and different levels of difficulty to create an account and start trading. Freewallet developed a system which allows people to manage and get crypto assets. 

To be able to use the platform, you should create your account first: this step is intuitive and fast, as well as buying and using your crypto assets. 

To sign up, just share some of your personal data and set your pin code. Now, you’ll have at least three ways to get EOS: 

  • Use the desktop version of Freewallet: from your dashboard, you can buy EOS with a credit card;
  • You can use the mobile applications provided by Freewallet – either the multi-currency wallet or the EOS dedicated wallet EOS dedicated wallet;
  • You can buy EOS by using the intuitive exchange you can find on the homepage of Freewallet: just select “Buy with the card”, then EOS and the currency you want to use. Add your EOS wallet address – if you don’t have one, don’t worry, you can create a wallet on Freewallet. You can even add a memo. 

To create a wallet, visit your dashboard and click on “Add wallets”. Locate EOS – you can also use the search bar to find the wallet more easily – and add it to the page. To discover the public address of your wallet, click on “Receive coins”: the platform will create your address and a QR code.

How to Buy EOS in the USA

If you’re from the USA and you want to buy EOS, you can use one of the exchanges that complies with your national crypto regulations, and you can use Freewallet by following the same steps we listed above. 

As reported by CNBC, even politicians invest in EOS, so we can conclude that this crypto is pretty popular in the States.

But, as we mentioned, Freewallet also allows you to manage your crypto assets: if you choose to use the platform, there are many services you can use.

Exchange EOS for Bitcoin And Any Cryptocurrency

EOS is, without doubt, a crypto project that knows how to involve its community. With its enhancement proposals, holders can tangibly participate in the project and decide on its future. 

Freewallet allows its users to hold their assets on the platform safely: EOS is one of the cryptos supported, and despite its usefulness – as we will see in detail later – EOS traders might want to diversify their portfolio or reduce their EOS positions during market downturns.  

That’s why you should consider exchanges: they are very intuitive, and users can make them among all the supported cryptos, including Bitcoin. 

How to Make an EOS Exchange?

You can make EOS exchanges seamlessly with Freewallet. They are available on the desktop version of the platform and its applications – the process is the same. 

Click on “Exchange coins”, then select the crypto pair you want to use for your exchange. Verify the details of your transactions: if everything is correct, complete the exchange – you’ll find your tokens in the appropriate wallet. 

How to Sell EOS

For those who want to sell EOS, it’s important to consider that Freewallet doesn’t allow its users to directly cash out to their bank accounts or cards. 

Committed to favoring a wider adoption of cryptocurrencies, Freewallet created a system that allows people to make their daily purchases without the need to use fiat currencies. 

This is possible thanks to its “Buy gift card” feature. Thanks to this service, you can buy gift cards with your cryptocurrencies and later use them for your purchases or make a gift.  There are hundreds of stores available, including Amazon, Walmart, and Domino’s, just to mention a few. 

You can select the feature on your personal page: you’ll find gift cards that range from $1 to $1000. To make it easier for you to find the store you’re looking for, you can use filters: sort brands by popularity or country. You can also choose how many brands the platform should show per page.

What is EOS?

EOS is a crypto project that was launched in 2018 to achieve a specific goal: to make it easier for people to join the crypto space. 

The network was developed by Block.one, which in turn was founded by Brendan Blumer and Daniel Larimer in 2017. 

This blockchain-based project focuses on the benefits offered by the decentralized space, facilitates building privacy-related services and provides developers with an intuitive platform.

An example of a project built on EOS is Blockbase: it enables users to create databases stored on a decentralized blockchain.

For what concerns developers, EOS allows them to build decentralized applications in an efficient environment – often compared to Ethereum and considered faster and less expensive. But unlike Ethereum, EOS has no fees for making transactions or building dApps, so the only thing people need is computational resources and an internet connection.

Is EOS crypto a Good Investment?

This question can’t be answered with certainty – no one can assess how the market will perform in the future with absolute confidence. 

The best suggestion for traders and investors is DYOR – Do Your Own Research – always. This article gives you the most useful info about EOS, and this also includes info on the characteristics of its crypto. 

So, let’s analyze the objective features of EOS:

  • EOS is the native coin of the EOS blockchain; 
  • The coin has no maximum supply: this might seem a disadvantage, but in reality, it’s a common feature of cryptos aimed at being used by large audiences. To limit the supply, the network schedules large-scale burning events: this mitigates the possible effects of an unlimited supply;
  • Another feature that favors the limitation of supply is staking: crypto users can stake EOS and receive rewards for that, so they are encouraged to reduce the number of tokens available for trading;
  • EOS has several use cases and supports smart contracts: this makes it a suitable project for all those who want to participate in the DeFi space and Web 3.0;
  • EOS uses a particular consensus mechanism that represents an evolution of proof-of-stake (PoS), called Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS). This algorithm was created by Larimer in 2014 and is based on delegates who work as validators. These delegates are chosen by network participants to become validators – that is, to verify transactions and add new blocks to the blockchain. The voting procedure occurs by pooling assets into a pool linked to a specific delegate. This way, validators are chosen by the community, they can always be different, and both delegates and voters earn part of the fees produced by the staking pool.


EOS is an interesting crypto project that focuses on decentralization and efficiency. With particular attention to its community, the project is popular and reliable. In this article, we gave you all the info you need to know about this project and its crypto – EOS – including info on how and where to buy EOS.



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