This May, we’ve implemented a bunch of cool new features to enhance the security and usability of our wallets.

Here are the most prominent ones.

Transaction limits

Available in: Crypto Wallet for iOS and Android; single-currency wallets for iOS and Android

Now you can set daily or weekly limits for the size of the transactions in a particular currency.

This is an extra security measure which can be useful if you store a significant amount of coins in your wallet. When the limit is set, no one can withdraw all of your assets, even if you have shared your login and password with untrustworthy people (but please don’t do that!).

Please note that changing the limit is not an instant operation. All limits are applied with a 2 day delay. If you have a verified email, you will be notified of a limit change initiation.

You can access Limits under the Settings tab.

transaction limits on Freewallet

To set the limit, you simply need to click on the currency and set a daily or a weekly limit on the transaction size. The limit is set for a particular coin, not all the wallet funds at once.

how to set transaction limits on Freewallet

Later on, the currency for which you have set a transaction limit will have a little lock on its icon.

Sessions control

Available in: Crypto Wallet web version; single-currency wallets for iOS and Android

Active sessions control also improves the security of your wallet and funds. It allows you to see if you’ve logged into Freewallet from any another device, browser, or location.

For example, if you have ever logged into your account from a public computer and forgot to log out (which is a veeeery bad idea), you can terminate that session to prevent unauthorized access.

Sessions are available under the Security tab.

sessions control

If you don’t recognize any of the logged-in sessions, just terminate them. We also recommend that you change your password immediately.

Estimated time of arrival

Available in: Crypto Wallet, all versions; Bitcoin wallet for iOS and Android

Not that long ago, we implemented 4 options for the transaction time on the bitcoin blockchain. Now you can see the estimated time of the arrival of your funds at the recipient’s address.

time of arrival of bitcoin

This allows you to be sure of how long it will take for the transaction to be completed, and also keep the recipient in the loop.

Transaction fail reason

Available in: Crypto Wallet, all versions; single-currency wallets, all versions

If your transaction fails, you can see the reason for which it failed in the transaction log.

Tip from Support: Including the reason in your support ticket may greatly reduce the time of your ticket processing.

New pay-out design

Available in: Single-currency wallets

And last but not least, we’ve updated the pay-out screen design. Now it’s not only neat but also more convenient.

new pay-out design

Have any suggestions?

We have had a busy but productive month making the apps more convenient for you.

If you think that the app is missing a certain feature, or you want a new coin to be supported, let us know by submitting a feature request.


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