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Keeping Your Funds Safe with Freewallet

On Freewallet we apply extreme security measures to keep your funds safe. However, we strongly recommend enabling additional security features on the user side to eliminate any chance of unauthorized access to your wallet and potential losses.

Meet Freewallet March update

We are constantly working on making Freewallet more friendly and secure. Meet our cool new features below.

Top up your Phone on Freewallet

Refill your prepaid mobile phone with Bitcoin. Right from your wallet. Now Freewallet supports money transfers to SIM cards with over 400 operators in 100 countries. The feature is currently only available in the web version, but will soon be added to all Freewallet platforms.

Ardor: A Long Way Home | Freewallet updates ARDR Wallet

In October 2016, Freewallet team released a dedicated wallet for Ardor, a digital asset which was later included in our Crypto Wallet app.
Initially a part of the NXT blockchain, ARDR switched to a standalone network on January 1st, 2018. Here’s a short story of how Freewallet helped Ardor holders get their assets home safely.

Cross Chain Transactions: Mistakes And Their Solutions

On Christmas 2017, Bitcoin announced six new hard forks, with Lightning, Platinum, GOD, B2X, Uranium, and Cash Plus now joining Cash, Gold, Diamond, United, HOT, and Super. These forks show that Bitcoin never ceases to evolve and multiply, in turn generating both excitement and chaos among the crypto community.

Best Christmas Gifts For Friends Ever

Don’t waste your time searching for a present. Impress your friends with digital cash that will definitely have an impact on them (and grow in value).

Flash Transfers: Zero Cost, Zero Time to Wait

Bitcoin has shown a tremendous growth in 2017, with its price touching $20,000 and its introduction on to the futures exchanges. As a result, the BTC network is overloaded at the end of the year. Massive transaction delays are reported by all wallet operators, and network fees reach up to hundreds of dollars in equivalent.

More Freedom From Freewallet

Multiple currencies one wallet

Freewallet, a mobile-first cryptowallet developer, has presented a full-scale Crypto Wallet version for desktop. This significant release tops off 2017 run by the company that has accomplished 8 new currencies this year including such ambitious projects as the world-first Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold wallets.

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