Recently, Ardor has carried out a hard fork of its public blockchain. ARDR and its child chain Ignis were moved to a new block. The platform was upgraded to the new version featuring a new child-chain and functions. You are probably wondering how this will affect you and your assets. Don’t worry, the Freewallet team took care of everything and updated the software on time. You don’t have to do anything, just keep enjoying Ardor and Ignis coins without any problems in the Crypto Wallet and Ardor wallet by Freewallet on all platforms.

What are Ardor and Ignis?

Ardor is a Blockchain-as-a-Service platform for businesses developed by Jelurida. It was developed as a complete ecosystem where several parties can interact with each other on a single platform. One of Ardor’s main features is the opportunity to create your own child chains within the Ardor ecosystem and manage them with different functions and plug-ins. Ignis itself is a child chain, developed by Jelurida to show the capabilities of this type of architecture.

Why did the hard fork happen?

The Ardor hard fork was a planned upgrade of the platform. The coin hasn’t been separated into two new cryptocurrencies as usually happens. With the release of a new version, Jelurida expanded its blockchain with a new child-chain by the Max Property Group engaged in real estate investments. What is more interesting, is that Lightweight Contracts are finally available on the mainnet.

What are Lightweight Contracts?

Lightweight Contracts are Ardor’s answer to Smart Contracts. They are also designed to automate processes on the blockchain, but have several important advantages:

  • While Smart Contracts are written with new programming languages, Ardor’s solution uses Java, which is more widespread. It is a familiar and accessible tool for developers, making it more comfortable to work with.
  • Lightweight Contracts has a simple upgrade workflow, which significantly speed-ups bug fixing. All developers need to do is deploy a new version of the contract and then gradually update existing references to it.
  • Lightweight Contracts can be integrated with external systems including game engines, cloud services, and databases. Thus, outdated systems can be easily upgraded with the blockchain.

The Ardor platform has shown significant development and we are glad to be part of it, giving Freewallet’s customers the opportunity to enjoy Ardor and Ignis coins. If you have questions regarding the fork or need any help, please contact our support team.


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