What is Freewallet?

The most common question we get is the most basic. The easiest explanation is that Freewallet is a digital hosted (or custodial) wallet platform with over 3M users around the globe.

Freewallet cryptocurrency wallets’ family provides users with both mobile version for iOS and Android, and dedicated web version, operating at all operating systems including Windows, Ubuntu, Linux and MacOS.
The Freewallet brand includes 22 standalone wallets for Android, 8 wallets for iOS, the Token wallet, Crypto Wallet, operating with 30+ currencies in one place, and Lite wallet, the only wallet in Freewallet family, that isn’t custodial.

Freewallet hosted wallets use cold storage to keep their users’ funds. This technology allows us to perform instant and fee-free transactions between Freewallet users. That means that money transfers between two Freewallet users take no time at all and are totally free of charge. Awesome, right? We think so!

What coins does Freewallet store?

As mentioned above, Freewallet supports over 100 cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, XMR, ZEC, and others. Our dedicated Token Wallet features more than 200 ERC-20 based tokens, including stablecoins.
In 2018 Freewallet added up several important standalone coins, including TRX and EOS. Our team is constantly looking to list new currencies. Since this choice is important not only for us but also for our users, we are always open to your suggestions.

Freewallet Account

How do you start using Freewallet?

Freewallet has an exceptional user-friendly interface. To start an account at Freewallet is as easy as pie. You just have to download and install the app or push the ‘Sign Up’ button on the site.

We require minimal personal information. Basically, you just need to have an email address to start.

After your personal crypto wallet is created, you can:

  • pay in
  • transfer
  • withdraw
  • exchange your funds within the wallet with other cryptocurrencies
  • buy crypto for fiat.

With Freewallet in your hands, the world is your oyster.

How to find my wallet address?

If you can’t figure out your wallet address don’t worry. It’s really easy to find. On your dashboard page for desktop or mobile click on the “+” symbol and then click on “receive.” Once you’ve got that squared away you can share your address with your friends, family, and Santa Claus. With your address anyone is capable of depositing funds in your account with the cryptocurrencies we support.

While you are on your account page don’t forget to customize it with a picture, name, and user id. Learn how here.

I can’t login to my account. What should I do?

If you are having trouble logging in, there are a number of things you can do to regain access. However, if you cannot login in to your Lite Wallet and have not backed it up, there is nothing we can do for you, as you are responsible for all of the Lite Wallet security keys.

With all of our hosted wallets there are methods in place that will reconnect you with your funds should you lose access. The biggest thing is to remember to login with whatever information you used to create the account. More often than not, people absentmindedly enter different email addresses or phone numbers than the ones the used to create the account.

If you need more help check out this page.

How do I restore my Freewallet account?

Lost the phone or computer you used for Freewallet? We’ve got you covered. All you have to do is log in to your account on another phone or device using your old login information. All of your funds will be kept secure even if you should lose access to them. If you do not have the capability of logining in with a different device, simply contact our support team and we will walk you through the process of either transferring your funds to a new account or freezing your old account.

How do I delete my Freewallet account?

Well, we hope that you don’t! But if you feel that you want to take your business elsewhere, you can transfer your funds to another address and deactivate your account.

At Freewallet we really try to make the user experience of our platform as good as possible so if you feel like you want to leave because you do not feel that what we provide you with is adequate, please let us know and we will do everything in our power to make it better for you and everyone else! Write a ticket or shoot us an email and we’ll get on it right away.

Freewallet Security

How secure is Freewallet?

Security is a big issue in the cryptosphere and something that we take very seriously. As a custodial wallet, we put the burden on ourselves to make sure your assets are safe. All assets you keep on Freewallet are placed in an impenetrable cold storage vault and left untouched until you request to move them.

We are so adept at securing assets we get requests from people looking to hide precious objects all the time, but we prefer to stay in our lane.

How to backup my Freewallet account?

Well at Freewallet we have two main options when it comes to wallets. You can go with a hosted wallet, where we secure your account and funds for you, or you can go with a lite wallet, where the security responsibilities are on you.

For those of you with hosted wallets, you don’t have to worry about backing up your account, we do that for you. If you have a lite wallet, you have to write down your 12-word backup phrase. Without this phrase, it is impossible to regain access to your funds if you lose access to your device. So please write down your phrase, it will save everyone headaches and time.

How to import my private keys?

As with the backup question above, this depends on the kind of wallet you are using. If you have a hosted wallet, we keep track of the private keys for you. It is impossible to share these keys with you as if we did, you would not be able to use our cold storage.

However, if you have a lite wallet, when you setup your account you are given your private keys along with your 12 word backup phrase. With the lite wallet what you give up in security is made up for in autonomy.

How long does Freewallet support take?

Freewallet’s support department consists of a group of ever-vigilant superheroes waiting for the slightest sign of distress from our users. They will respond to any question or issue you may have within minutes, and continue to provide you with assistance until the problem is resolved.

If it weren’t for our marketing team, the support team would be the superstars at Freewallet.

Is Freewallet a scam?

We can assure you that Freewallet is not a scam. During the boom in 2017 we had a rapid influx of new users and transfer requests and we did not originally have the scalability to manage everything on our plate. From those growing pains, we have gotten some bad press, but rather unfairly considering the industry.

The truth is we are not running a scam. Freewallet is a trustworthy and legit platform. We have a track record that proves this as we resolve almost every user issue we are faced with. We always respond to our users and help them with all sorts of problems, even if they come to us with cat problems.

We hope you found this helpful! We will be looking at more of your questions in the second part of this article, so keep tuned.


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