What’s New at FW?

With the holidays fast approaching, we’d like to take a moment to look back at what we’ve been up to so everyone in the Freewallet community is on the same page. It goes without saying that we are endlessly grateful to our many users, and we want them to be as informed and involved as possible in terms of where we stand now and where we are going in the future.

For the past few months we’ve been rolling out new features and upgrades at a blistering pace. Take a look at some of the things we’ve accomplished.

Buy Cryptocurrency with Fiat on Freewallet

End of the Year Wrap-Up-Simplex

We are really happy to report that purchases can be made via fiat in our Crypto Wallet. Now our users can purchase cryptocurrency lightning fast and with ease. All you need is a bank card and a Freewallet account.

This will save our users a lot of time and headaches going forward as they no longer have to go to a separate exchange to get started. Philosophically, this was important to us as it has enabled us to further fulfill our role as guide to the crypto world. Entering just became that much easier. We are working on making this feature available on our mobile apps so stayed tuned, and check it out here.

Status Tracking Available on Transactions

End of the Year Wrap-Up_Track-status

In an effort to increase transparency and enhance user experience we have launched a new Status Tracking service. With Status Tracking users have the capability to follow their transactions, both as a Sender and Receiver, in real time.

From the moment you create a transaction until it is confirmed as received by the recipient, you will be provided with all pertinent details. Featuring an elegant interface, this feature has added more clarity to the transaction process and helped reduce avoidable and time consuming errors.

EOS Withdrawals Up and Running

End of the Year Wrap-Up_EOS

Freewallet was one of the first platforms to support EOS. Initially, EOS was an Ethereum-based token issued to support the creation of EOSIO, blockchain platform for the development of decentralized applications (DAPPs), similar to Ethereum in function. After the release of the EOSIO platform, the mainnet was launched and EOS became a standalone coin.

Now our users can acquire and store EOS tokens on Freewallet as well as perform fee-free, high-speed transactions. Check out the details here.

New Framework Laid for Plethora of New Coins

Four New Additions

Recently we’ve been really active behind the scenes, upgrading our platform and increasing its capabilities. This has enabled us to add a bevy of new stablecoins, including DAI and DGX, which are dramatically altering the crypto landscape. In addition to stablecoins, we have already started listing other new coins like Power Ledger, and PumaPay, and we’ve got a whole lot more coming.

What to expect in 2019

At Freewallet we are committed to improving our platform and advancing our vision of the future. With every passing year we feel that our values are being expressed more effectively by our work, and our users are continuously getting a better product. We will continue to drive forward and connect people in new and meaningful ways to the possibilities afforded by blockchain technology.

Got a holiday crypto-wishlist?

We love hearing back from our users. If you have a concern or a suggestion or something you wish we could do at Freewallet by all means get in touch! Visit our Request a Feature page to share any ideas you’d like to see us implement, or reach out to our support team if you have any questions.


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