Dear customers,

For all holders of the NEM (XEM) token: Freewallet will support the Symbol (XYM) airdrop and opt-in program. Recently the airdrop has been postponed to take place later in February, the exact date and further details will be announced later.

Following the airdrop, XEM will undergo a split into two currencies: XEM and XYM. For this reason, we will temporarily suspend all transactions, sales, deposits, and withdrawals of XEM in the timeframe leading up to the XEM wallets snapshot.

Freewallet will take the following route:

  • All withdrawals and transfers of XEM deposits will be temporarily suspended leading up to the airdrop.
  • A snapshot of all XEM wallets owned by Freewallet users will be taken by our technical team and XYM tokens will then be distributed at a ratio of 1 XEM = 1 XYM.
  • Both XEM deposits and withdrawals will be opened after the completion of the snapshot.

Please keep that in mind when making XEM transactions around that time period.

If there are any further questions, please forward them to our support team!

We will keep you up to date for the time being if any changes in the course occur.


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