The world is gradually moving away from the concept of the five-day work week in the office, a monthly salary, coffee breaks with colleagues, and all the other features of corporate life. More and more people today prefer to be their own bosses and freelance. According to recent research by, 38% of surveyed freelancers living in the US regularly use cryptocurrencies. Also, 29% of freelancers would like to be paid in crypto rather than fiat.

Luckily, this sphere is not alien to the crypto industry and there are several good freelance platforms which are ready to pay you in cryptocurrency. Today we will answer the question how to work for cryptocurrency.


CryptoGrind is a popular freelance platform where you can earn Bitcoins. The website allows you to search for suitable work orders in different categories and using keyword tags. Freelancers can set up their profile with their resume, set of skills, and the services they offer. Unlike common freelance platforms, CryptoGrind freelancers can dictate the price for their work and discuss it with employers.

The platform uses a secure escrow service, meaning that the payment is held until the employer is pleased with the results of the work. Cryptogrind keeps a 4% fee of all escrowed funds.

Also, CryptoGrind has a referral program – each time your referred user completes a job you will earn 2% of the entire order at your payment address. For instance, if he/she completes an order of $2000 you will earn the equivalent of $40 in Bitcoins.


XBTFreelancer is another 100% Bitcoin freelance platform and similar to CryptoGrind. It has an escrow service to ensure that payments are handled fairly. Freelancers and employers set work and payment milestones, so workers get paid step by step and receive consistent feedback regarding their work.

The platform offers job orders in various categories including 3D design, iOS development, content management etc. Notifications about new job offers are constantly posted on their social media so you won’t miss an attractive order.

The platform takes a 10% fee, but it has an attractive affiliate program. XBTFreelancer will pay you 35% of every commission paid to your referrals (freelancers and employers) every month in BTC for a lifetime.


Unlike the others, Jobs4Bitcoins is not a freelance website but a subreddit dedicated to job offers for cryptocurrency. It claims to be the biggest cryptocurrency job platform on the internet. At the time of writing, the sub has a base of 20.9k members from all over the world. Each day, three to four posts are made there by job seekers offering their services and employers looking for someone to hire.

Being a social network, the subreddit doesn’t have any integrated escrow service. So it basically works as a bulletin board. The community uses third-party escrow platforms to ensure that the deal will be handled in the right manner. We recommend you follow this practice as well to avoid any possibility of being scammed.

What do I need to start freelancing?

Working remotely at home for cryptocurrency means that you need a good and stable internet connection, a laptop or personal computer and convenient cryptocurrency wallet to receive payments.

We think you can manage to find good internet connection and a fancy laptop on your own. As for cryptocurrency wallet, you can rely on us for that. A wallet dedicated exclusively to Bitcoin probably won’t be enough. Instead of installing dozens of wallets for different cryptocurrencies, try one that can hold various coins like Freewallet: Crypto Wallet.

The freelance sphere is huge but these platforms are a long way away from Fiverr or Upwork with high potential to grow. The demand for crypto payments is increasing and CryptoGrind, XBTFreelancer, and Jobs4Bitcoins were able to survive, while many other cryptocurrency freelance platforms didn’t and had to shut down.



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