We are glad to announce the listing of the API3 token! Trade it as an ERC-20 token with our Multi-currency app or web wallet.

Web3 is a promising and exciting field of the digital economy, requiring top-notch solutions for data transactions. API3 professionally faces this challenge by taking its own approach to building oracles. 

According to Cointelegraph, new partnerships and listings of the API3 token have brought its price and trading volume to new highs. On February 17, the token price has grown by 72% as compared to its recent Low and reached $5.55.

API3 token

API3 token works as the native token of the API3 platform. It provides token holders with governance rights and voting power. The weekly rewards are paid for staking tokens in the coverage pool. By locking the API3 tokens, developers are able to access API.

About API3

API3 builds towards the Web3 API Economy, helping to move from third-party oracle networks to first-party oracle solutions. The goal is to ensure transparency, efficiency, and security of the data transactions. API3 represents a decentralized first-party oracle network powered by the API3 DAO. It works on trustless applications, which are interacting with Web APIs.

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