Freewallet partners with XinFin to add XDC!

Freewallet is happy to announce XDC for fast and cheap transactions! Find a new symbol in our Multi-coin app and web wallet. XDC is issued by XinFin, a secured Singapore-based blockchain platform. The XDC token is the utility token of the XinFin blockchain.

About XinFin

XinFin aims to become an easy spot for transactions between investors and developers. It allows settling formalities associated with allocating finance to a project working in a different country.XinFin is known thanks to a fast confirmation time, low costs of transactions, and randomization conducted to enhance security. The network was developed as a solution to the scalability problem of the Ethereum blockchain. XinFin’s approach successfully tackles the number of issues of classic blockchains:

  • A limited throughput;
  • Comparatively long confirmation time;
  • Vulnerabilities caused by fork generation;

XinFin has developed and applied the Delegated Proof-of-Stake (XDPoS) consensus. It ensures scalability and EVM compatibility of the chain. The network’s architecture implements 108 Masternodes, which create and sign blocks. XDC is minted by Masternodes. Any smart contract written in Ethereum protocol can be ported to the Xin Fin blockchain to have all benefits of the XinFin network, including fast confirmation time and low transaction fees.

How to trade XDC in Freewallet?

In the meantime, XDC cannot be exchanged. This option will be released in the near future!
You can send, receive and store XDC with Freewallet.

– Download Freewallet app to your Android or iPhone.
– Tap ‘+’ and ‘Receive’ to get your coin address.

Any questions? We’ll be glad to answer!
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