Freewallet Media Review November 2020

November 2020 surprised all the crypto community. We at Freewallet observed the Bitcoin flight up to $19000 and discussed what’s next price level. Swiss company launches ‘no-fee’ Bitcoin exchange-traded product on the Nordic growth market. One of the most prominent alternative cryptocurrencies, XRP, quietly jumped 169% during the last month.

“Time is now for crypto” – said PayPal CEO Dan Schulman within the Web Summit. It seemed all the world fully agreed with him. We at Freewallet think so, too.

Freewallet in Reviews

Freewallet is a universal platform to buy, sell, store and manage crypto, and that’s why media outlets have shown a growing interest in reviewing its features and functions.

“Freewallet is surely one of the more interesting wallets on the market. It’s a mobile app- and desktop-based wallet, although it could be used as online storage too. It has Changelly integrated into it for easy exchanges, and supports over 100 cryptocurrencies and tokens” – writes

Here is a small list of the media outlets that have featured us in reviews: | Freewallet Review

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Freewallet in Rankings

Finding a user-friendly and free crypto wallet isn’t something you do in a few seconds. Searching rankings is a suitable way to dive into the cryptocurrency market and form your own independent opinion. These new publications highly appreciate all the main features at Freewallet, especially the strong security system and technical support. “Freewallet’s bitcoin wallet is a convenient place to start or move further with your crypto journey. In other words, it is a perfect place to send and store bitcoin and manage your digital portfolio,” according to | What are the best multi-currency software crypto wallets? | Top 10 Best Bitcoin Wallets of All Time

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