Freewallet has upgraded 16 single-currency wallets and released 2.0 versions of the apps for iOS and Android. Updated wallets are available for Ardor, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, IGNIS, Lisk, NEO, NXT, Tether, Monero, ZCash and Bytecoin on Android. As for iOS, updated Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Lisk, Monero and Bytecoin standalones are also now available to download.

Our development team has been working on the update for the last six months. They have fully rescripted the Android and iOS applications using the most relevant and up-to-date frameworks for mobile cross-platform development. With our work on the apps we’ve been able to adhere to our vision of creating user-friendly and secure crypto-applications for everyone. The updated wallets are now written in React and Apache Cordova coding languages, which has helped to achieve better performance, while also increasing the stability and security of the applications.

“We have been working pretty extensively on this upgrade for the last six months. The latest version doesn’t have new features per se, as the main transformations were implemented under the hood. We integrated an up-to-date stack and transferred the main system’s logic to the back-end. Most of all, we’ve focused on improving usability, and I hope our customers appreciate the new level of convenience that comes with the upgrade’’ – said Solomon Brown, head of PR at Freewallet.

The first thing we did to make the wallets more stable and secure is we updated the Facebook SDK and the Account Kit SDK. In doing so, we made the registration and authentication process easier and safer. Beyond that, the dev team focused on the stability of our platform in crisis moments. For instance, all pictures are now compressed to decrease the workload of the program and data is kept in encrypted storage on phones. Furthermore, the app can now react without being connected to the internet and even if a back-end drop should happen.

In the end, we couldn’t help but add some new features to enhance your user experience. The IT department integrated Firebase, Google’s mobile application development platform and analytical tool. Thanks to this, our 2.0 wallets support push-notification on Android, iOS and Apple Watches.

“With Android, iOS and Apple Watch notifications now up and running, it’s really easy for users to keep their fingers on the pulse of things wherever they are. As always, it was important to us to improve the experience we offer our users, provided we didn’t end up detracting from the security of the apps by doing so. We are committed to giving our users the most secure experience possible, and this update reflects that.’’ – added Solomon Brown.

The update also introduces a new screen with balance details, optimized localization features and 2 factor authentication and the following improvements:

  • Main screen with balance and transactions information.
  • Screens with graphics and currency rates.
  • New Settings screen.
  • New Send screen.
  • New Receive screen.

Visit the AppStore or Play Market to update or download an updated single-currency wallet for your mobile phone.

If you have any questions regarding new cryptocurrency wallets please address our support team for help.


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