Last month many countries loosened quarantine measures, which allowed some industries such as hospitality and retail to begin to return to normal business processes. Meanwhile, the crypto industry is one of the few spheres that has been demonstrating sustained economic growth during the pandemic. No sooner had the crypto world started to settle down after the third Bitcoin halving event when another wave of a hype started to build around Ethereum 2.0. Another thing to talk about was Tron’s upcoming transition to version 4.0 of the blockchain. Technologies are moving towards the digital future, and we have to keep up with them.

Crypto Exchange Marathon

We at Freewallet launched a Crypto Exchange Marathon to reward our users who make transactions actively and inspire other people with motivating crypto stories. If you bought Bitcoin in the very beginning and have been surfing in Bali ever since, we’d be happy to read your post on Twitter. The author of the story with the most likes, comments, and shares will get 50 USDT. The contest will last until July 12th.

Freewallet in Reviews and Rankings

Choosing an optimal crypto wallet isn’t something you do in a matter of minutes. Reading reviews and rankings is a suitable way to research the cryptocurrency market and form your own independent opinion. These June publications cover all the main features at Freewallet, especially the high level of protection and technical support. “When reaching out to their support channels, you’ll be sure to receive a response within minutes. You can also address backup queries to the support team or send a request concerning mistakes made on blockchain transactions,” according to AltcoinAlerts.

Here is a small list of the media outlets that have featured us in reviews and rankings:

New Crypto-Geography series

Solomon Brown, our Head of PR and crypto expert, e-traveled Eastern Europe. The region gives a multifaceted picture regarding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency circulation will probably be banned in Russia, and digital money is not a legal payment in Hungary. On the other hand, several countries are rather pro-crypto, to the happiness of active young entrepreneurs who are engaged in prospective start-ups. “One might be surprised to learn that Georgia is the world’s second-largest mining country after China, Moldova has legalized cryptocurrency mining, and Belarus is predicted to become the European Hong Kong,” according to Solomon Brown.

  • С | Cryptocurrency in Eastern Europe: Innovations, Companies, and Progress


Solomon Brown is not only a media contributor, but also a speaker and media person. He had the pleasure of speaking about the pandemic aftermath and 2020 crypto trends past month. Solomon Brown shared his take on the digital yuan’s chances of replacing cash, the rise of DeFi projects, and Bitcoin’s post-halving behavior. Hurry up to read Solomon’s interview and use his insights to make gains!

  • С | Freewallet Insights, Pandemic Aftermath and 2020 Crypto Trends – an Exclusive Interview With Solomon Brown.


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