The cryptocurrency market is flush with all sorts of wallets, making choosing one for yourself a hard choice once you’ve got your digital money. How to find the best wallet to assist you amid the countless features, options and coins? Review websites are often where people turn to for help. By comparing existing services you’ll be able to choose the wallet that best caters to your needs.

But before you go about determining the best wallet on the market for you, you should have a basic understanding of the crypto market and how it works. There is no shortage of free educational websites on bitcoin and altcoins. However, not all of them can serve as reliable guides. You often have to sift through a multitude of crypto media offerings to find what you are looking for.

To help you simplify that process we’ve put together a review of some of the most prominent crypto review sites out there:

This crypto news website is gaining traction thanks to its detailed and informed reports on bitcoin and other crypto. With 1.10M monthly visits, Bitcoinist focuses on providing its readers with trustworthy and reliable updates. The Bitcoinist team does a lot of high-quality market research on their own and publishes thorough articles on the latest in the crypto market.
For example, the educational part of the web-site explains how blockchain works and what industries can use blockchain:

“Many companies and business owners are examining the use of blockchain for their business processes. Walmart traced produce around the world through the supply chain with successful results and has registered several blockchain patents indicating its interest in the technology moving forward.”

We had the opportunity to ask Norbert Radoki, CEO of Bitcoinist a few questions about their readers, their future plans and, of course, what’s made their site so successful. We are pleased to share the interview with you here:

Founded in 2013, Bitcoinist has quickly grown to become one of the prime sources for the latest information about Bitcoin, digital currencies and blockchain technology. What is the secret of your success?

The secret to Bitcoinist’s early success was timing. When the website first launched, the Mt Gox exchange had just taken off and so there was a lot of buzz around Bitcoin. This meant that a lot of people were looking for reputable sources of information about this new asset class, such as how to buy it, how to store it, and which direction the price was likely to go next. From there, we started to build out the brand; visiting conferences, sponsoring events, and getting our name out there to the rapidly growing community.

How would you describe your typical reader?

The bulk of our readership comes from the United States. Most of them are male between the ages of 18-40, and work across a wide range of industries. However, we also have a growing presence in the UK, India and Canada too.

What kind of content do your readers prefer?

Our readers come to us to find out the latest industry news and comments surrounding Bitcoin. This includes everything from price analyses and fundamental updates, to new international regulations and macro-economic developments.

What goals do you have for your site in 2020?

We have a lot in the pipeline for 2020. First and foremost, we intend to continue improving our content for our readers. We are also planning on expanding our editorial team, bringing in new partners, and attending more events to meet our readers.

The website has long been known for its progress in improving the public’s awareness of bitcoin. This website gives bitcoin newbies helpful tools such as a free video crash course, a mining profitability calculator and a list of affiliate programs. . The ‘Get a wallet’ menu features Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and hardware wallets.

One of the articles on the site covers Freewallet and looks at the services, currencies and payment methods offered, and also explains fees, supported countries and other aspects of the platform.

In particular, the article notes that Freewallet “users can get up and running with a non-technical multi-coin cryptocurrency wallet in seconds.”
Another advantage of the company highlighted in the review touches upon its high standard of customer care:

“Customer support is quick and generally helpful which is a real bonus in the crypto-world.”

One of the most popular websites providing feedback on crypto services, CryptoCompare was established in 2014 and has had about 2.64M visitors in the last 6 months. The scope and depth of price data offered by the site for multiple assets is one of the driving reasons behind its popularity. Price data on the site is aggregated from the leading exchanges, which are closely monitored by the CryptoCompare team for compliance.

CryptoCompare evaluates exchanges through monthly review reports and has introduced an innovative ranking methodology with their Exchange Benchmark which uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative metrics to rank over 160 active spot cryptocurrency exchanges.

CryptoCompare’s ‘Top lists’ – ‘Wallets’ profile contains elaborate descriptions of wallet platforms as well as real user reviews. Many of our single-currency wallets have been profiled by the site and its users:

The Coinswitch service processes anonymous and instant crypto conversions with several different exchange platforms. Coinswitch aggregates price data from various exchanges and shows you the best exchange rate available at the moment. Using Coinswitch’s tool, you can also set up an instant exchange service from scratch.

Checking the ‘Coins’ section on the website, you’ll find a comprehensive overview of all digital coins powered by Coinswitch.

The website also produces a great amount of news and coin reviews. For example, the following Freewallet review was recently published there: This article notes that “Freewallet allows not only to store and transfer cryptocurrencies safely but also to exchange smoothly to and from other coins right in the app, with only a couple of taps.”

The Coinspeaker news portal was established in 2014 and presents itself as a viable source of information for the crypto and fintech industry. It provides impressive media coverage of crypto-related events, as well as up-to-date price statistics on multiple assets and technical price analysis. Its press releases and interviews are a good place to start if you’re looking to do some in-depth industry research.

Below you’ll find a fascinating interview with Freewallet’s head of PR:

“In the coming years, we are looking to play a leading role in the mainstream implementation of cryptocurrency. We hope to combine the stability of old-world finance with the advantages offered by the newest developments in crypto. As always, we are dedicated to the initial democratic principles behind the technological revolution that is taking place right now” – said Solomon Brown., the review and information platform, compares cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges, provides important daily news updates and produces helpful guides on crypto services. Cryptimi’s reviews are written in a step-by-step manner and offer guidance for those who are just starting out. These reviews contain descriptions of fees, limits, payment methods, security features and other important specifications one must understand before investing.

We’ve also noticed more comprehensive guides created by Cryptimi, that elucidate fundamental aspects of popular blockchains (for instance, “What is a Bitcoin loophole” or “Comparison of EOS and Ethereum”).

Recently, Cryptimi also prepared an excellent comparison of crypto wallets. According to this cryptocurrency wallets article, they also mentioned Freewallet as one of the best mobile wallets crypto investors can use:

“Available on both mobile and desktop, on Freewallet you are able to store 127 different coins and tokens, including the most popular ones such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, Monero and Ripple, with new ones added frequently.”

Launched in 2016, the Blockgeeks project helps businesses with crypto research and education. It focuses on providing enterprises with essential knowledge and information for real-life use cases. Upon completion of one of their accelerated programs, a Blockgeeks student receives not only a certificate but also an ERC721 token with his initials and the date of the course’s completion. Blockgeeks gets about 507.90K monthly visitors now and everything suggests that this number will continue to grow. There is a special form on the website inviting qualified individuals with relevant expertise to become Blockgeek mentors.

Blockgeeks aims to highlight the real potential in crypto and blockchain technologies. For example, their guide on smart contracts points out the following possibility:

“The IT resource center, Search Compliance suggests that smart contracts may impact changes in certain industries, such as law. In that case, lawyers will transfer from writing traditional contracts to producing standardized smart contract templates, similar to the standardized traditional contracts that you’ll find on LegalZoom. Other industries such as merchant acquirers, credit companies, and accountants may also employ smart contracts for tasks, such as real-time auditing and risk assessments.”

Originally meant to be a bitcoin-only information blog, the Coinsutra educational project has escalated its monthly visits to the figure of 278.90K. Focusing on newcomers and pro crypto enthusiasts alike, the team has prepared tailored research, tutorials and guides on crypto and blockchain. Coinsutra features selected wallets for Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions. It has also published a detailed guide to crypto exchanges with a short list of recommended platforms. Comments and reviews of the site’s community members help users make better informed decisions regarding the use of certain crypto platforms.

Coinsutra generates illustrative and easy-to-understand mini-guides that come in handy for beginner crypto enthusiasts. How about a walkthrough on the most popular ways to earn bitcoin? Here it is.

Coincentral was founded in 2017 with the goal of providing its readers with the most trustworthy crypto insights. Its monthly visits currently amount to 76.20K and growth metrics are available on the main page. Coincentral’s articles on a great variety of crypto-related topics are easy to read and awareness-building at the same time. The team has prepared a comprehensive tool kit for a crypto beginner that is supposed to cover practically every aspect of blockchain. Apart from extensive educational and training material, the website maintains a news section, ICO calendar and price data info on certain crypto coins.

Browsing this website, we’ve come across a series of fascinating interviews with crypto influencers Brock Pierce, Halsey Minor and Justin Sun.

A recently started project, already impresses with its elaborate structure and the wide range of topics it covers. The website aims to provide overall information about the various things we deal with in the crypto space. Users are invited to share their experience with crypto exchanges, wallets and mining platforms. The site’s news feed, the Cryptogeek blog and their in-depth articles comprise another helpful part of this review platform.

The Cryptogeek blog comes up with fresh updates and interesting findings on the crypto market, such as this article on the Great Wealth Transfer anticipated from millennials:

TheCoinRepublic team is dedicated to delivering insightful and fascinating updates on digital currencies. Apart from price and analytical updates, the team posts short videos about the most vivid market events and coin prices.

Here is TheCoinRepublic’s analysis of Freewallet use cases:


3.6 / 5. 5