Where and How to Buy VeChain (VET) in 2022

VeChain (VET) is the IoT crypto used in many industries to fully profit from the benefits of Web 3.0 and the Internet of Things, also thanks to its capability to support smart contracts.

For these reasons, VeChain is on the watchlists of investors and traders who are looking for highly scalable projects that support many use cases. 

For those who are interested in trading VET and investing in VeChain, we want to create a step-by-step guide to Freewallet: if you want to know where to buy VeChain, Freewallet is the right place to get an easy and secure buying process. 

Moreover, Freewallet will allow you to exchange and use VET with both web and mobile applications. 

How to Buy VeChain?

Freewallet provides you with two possible alternatives to buy VeChain (VET): after the listing of VeChain in 2018, users can buy VET by using the Freewallet App – supported by iOs and Android – or the web version of the multi-coin wallet. 

Web Multi-Coin Wallet

The first step to start buying VET with the web app is to sign-up: 

  • After entering your details and confirming your account, you’ll need to set up your pin code;
  • From the homepage, click “Login” – you’ll be able to access your dashboard with your pin code;
  • Select “Buy with a card” – you’ll find two payment methods, Moonpay and Simplex. Select your favorite payment method, then locate VET;
  • Now, you can select the amount of VeChain you want to buy. You can also decide how much you want to spend and the platform will automatically calculate how many VET you’re buying. 

Freewallet Multi-Coin Wallet App

You can also decide to buy VET by using the Freewallet application. 

  • Download the multi-coin wallet, supported by iOs and Android systems;
  • Sign up or simply log in if you’ve already created an account;
  • If you want to buy VeChain and you don’t find it on the app homepage, you can simply click on “Add wallets” and select “VET”;
  • To buy VET, click on “Buy”: you can now select a currency to pay and a payment method between Simplex and Moonpay. Also, in this case, you can easily select the amount. 

How to Buy VeChain in the USA

If you’re wondering where to buy VeChain in the US, you should know that the United States is among the 36 FATF countries supported by Freewallet. 

As we mentioned, to buy on Freewallet you can use Simplex and Moonpay: both these services offer a sort of bridge between fiat and cryptos, to provide users with multiple payment methods, but there are countries they don’t support.

  • Simplex supports the United States, but New York and Hawaii are not included; 
  • Also Moonpay supports the US, but Hawaii, New Your, Rhode Island, and the US Virgin Islands are not included. 

All users from other states can easily buy cryptos on Freewallet by following the process we’ve described. 

Exchange VeChain for Bitcoin and any cryptocurrency

If you already own cryptocurrencies on Freewallet, things will be even easier.

If you choose to buy VeChain, they’ll be available on your dashboard or your multi-coin wallet app. 

If you want to get other cryptocurrencies or simply diversify your portfolio, you can use the Freewallet exchange option both on your web or mobile wallet, and exchange your VET for Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency supported by Freewallet. 

How to Make a VeChain Exchange?

Making a VET exchange is very easy: 

  • If you’re using the web wallet, just click on “Exchange coins”: you can now choose the pair and see all the details of the transaction before completing the exchange. 
  • The same procedure has to be followed when you use the mobile Freewallet application to exchange your cryptocurrencies, but you’ll find the “Exchange” feature in two different positions: 

How to Sell VeChain

Freewallet offers one of the best VeChain wallets available: you can use it in different versions, with different devices, to trade VET and other cryptocurrencies. 

But trading doesn’t only involve buying: cryptocurrencies gain value, but they can also lose it when entering a downtrend. 

For this reason, there are times when traders want to sell – and you can do it with Freewallet, but in a useful way. 

It would be better to say that you can use your VET, and not just sell them: 

  • You can top up your phone, just by selecting VET and the option “Top up phone” on the web wallet;
  • You can buy gift cards – choosing among hundreds of shops, including Amazon – both on the web app – just by selecting the option “Buy gift card” and confirming your country – and on the mobile app – from the “History” section. 

These features provide you with a market that is broader than the market usually available when it comes to cryptos. 

What is VeChain (VET)?

VeChain was born in 2015: its two co-founders are Sunny Lu, a former executive of Louis Vuitton, and Jay Zhang, previously involved in companies like Deloitte. 

The goal of the project is to support the new industrial revolution by creating a trust-free system where data can be shared safely. 

This is why the project managed to create extremely relevant partnerships: BMW, Walmart, H&M are just a few names of partners of VeChain.

The project is not useful only for a specific industry, but in general for all those industries where a supply chain is involved. 

VET Price Chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

For this reason, VET has many use cases and it’s widely used – especially by businesses – around the world. Cryptos like VET need to be quite stable – that is, they cannot experience the daily volatility of digital currencies like Bitcoin to comply with their goals. That’s why the team behind VeChain found solutions to avoid congestions and high volatility: the project has two cryptocurrencies, VET and VeThor (VTHO) – the second token is used to control the fee system, also through a fee-burning scheme. 

VET has a limited supply (86,712,634,466 VET) and uses PoA (Proof-of-Authority) as a consensus algorithm to improve security and scalability. 

How to invest in VeChain

Investing requires long-term strategies: Freewallet gives you the opportunity to buy VeChain (VET) and simply hold them, or simply use them as part of your spending plan. 

In any case, Freewallet allows you to use and profit from your cryptocurrencies in many ways, as we showed you in this article. 

Is VeChain a Good Investment?

These kinds of questions never have a definite answer – it depends, especially on your goals. 

But it is sure that there are projects more valuable than others, both for their reliability and their functions. 

VeChain (VET) has many use cases, and the most important feature of this cryptocurrency is that it perfectly fits the current market and the developments of the internet. 

This is the main reason why VET is considered a good investment by many traders and investors: a fundamental analysis leads investors to think that its value will grow over time, since it’s a limited crypto, with high usability and a strong project behind it. 

As we mentioned, the project now uses PoA, and even if VeChain runs on a few nodes, its characteristics make it perfectly suitable for businesses. Moreover, the double-crypto system and fee-burning make the value growth a reasonable expectation. 

Nevertheless, you should always do your own research before investing. 


VeChain is a valuable and reliable project, fully integrated with the modern economy and businesses. 

A fundamental analysis of one of its cryptos, VET, makes it safe to suppose a further growth over time: 

  • Limited supply; 
  • Countless use cases; 
  • The capability of this project to make supply chains totally transparent is extremely relevant for most businesses; 
  • Its reliability made it earn several partnerships with major brands; 
  • Developers behind VeChain found useful solutions to avoid network congestion, improve scalability and avoid high volatility. 

We listed just some of the reasons why VET is considered a good investment by many, and we wanted to show you how you can easily buy, exchange and use VET thanks to Freewallet.



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