We are thrilled to present our new self-custody web3 wallet, compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. This innovative app combines the best features of our previous products, supporting over 1,000 cryptocurrencies and granting users full control over their private keys. To enhance flexibility, we have designed the new wallet in a browser extension format.

With the new Freewallet web3 self-custody wallet, users can manage cryptocurrencies based on 15 blockchains, perform token swaps, seamlessly purchase crypto, monitor their portfolio, and more. Continue reading to discover the benefits of our new app.

Main Features

The new Freewallet app is a multi-purpose digital finance platform. See the details below.

Multi-chain Support

Our new Freewallet app is web3 ready, supporting over 1,000 cryptocurrencies based on 15 blockchains. It provides access to multiple exchanges and DeFi platforms, enabling users to make their crypto assets work for them. Additionally, users can add custom blockchains to further expand their freedom.

Crypto Swaps

In the fast-paced crypto landscape, the demand for quick token exchanges is often crucial. Freewallet introduces a seamless crypto swap feature to facilitate immediate token exchanges without the need to register on a crypto exchange, verify an account, or place an order.

The process involves selecting the pair of cryptocurrencies to be swapped, entering the amount, verifying the input info, and executing the swap — all within a couple of minutes, without leaving the wallet app. For those who prioritize efficiency, crypto swaps offer significant advantages.

Seamless Zero Fee Transactions

As a non-custodial wallet, Freewallet does not charge users for storing crypto. Moreover, transactions do not come with additional fees on top of regular blockchain fees. This means users can store and send crypto without worrying about unnecessary expenses, offering a cost-effective solution for managing digital assets.

Freewallet ensures smooth and seamless transactions through a user-friendly interface. Most transactions are typically processed within a few minutes, depending on the required number of confirmations on the blockchain.

Market Monitoring

The Freewallet web3 wallet offers more than just a means of managing your crypto funds. In addition to facilitating operations with cryptocurrencies, it enables users to monitor market trends. This feature holds significant importance given the dynamic nature of the crypto market.

With Freewallet staying updated on crypto market trends is hassle-free, allowing users to select reliable information sources and customize their news feed.

Portfolio Tracking

As the crypto market experiences fluctuations, keeping track of your crypto portfolio’s value can be challenging. Fortunately, tracking your Freewallet portfolio is effortless, as it is automatically calculated and presented in your preferred currency. This allows you to instantly assess the value of your combined crypto assets.

Crypto On-Ramp (by Credit Card)

Need to acquire more crypto or don’t have any at the moment? You can conveniently purchase cryptocurrency directly within the wallet, eliminating the need to open an account on a crypto exchange or a peer-to-peer platform.

Simply select the cryptocurrency you wish to purchase, specify the desired amount in USD or EUR, enter the address for the crypto you are buying, and click on Buy. Small purchases do not require KYC verification. Transactions over $150 will require a KYC procedure. Accepted payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay, and others.

Robust Security

At Freewallet, the security of customers’ funds and data is the top priority. An access to your account is protected by a PIN and mnemonic phrase, ensuring an added layer of protection. You can also set a spending limit.

Additionally, the app’s code undergoes regular third-party audits, ensuring that security standards are continuously upheld. All data within the app’s ecosystem is protected by the robust AES-256 encryption, and comprehensive security protocols are employed to prevent any potential security breaches within customers’ accounts.

How to Use a Freewallet Self-Custody Web3 Wallet?

A brief guide for using the Freewallet web3 wallet includes the following steps:

1. Install the app on your mobile device or add it as a browser extension.

2. Create a new wallet. Set and confirm a PIN.

3. Safeguard your private keys and a mnemonic phrase in a secure location for account restoration purposes.

4. Elevate the security of your app by enabling biometric sign-in and configuring spending limits. Link external wallet addresses to Freewallet if you have any.

5. Your wallet is now ready for use! Access its features via the dashboard menu.

Enjoy the convenience and security of your Freewallet web3 wallet!



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