As the TRX holders around the world are getting ready for the mainnet launch, we’ve prepared something special for our users!

On June 25th, we’ll be welcoming a new wallet to the Freewallet family: TRON Wallet for Android. Along with that, we will add TRX to the Crypto Wallet.

And here comes the surprise: we will automatically swap your TRX tokens for TRX!

Wait, what is it all about?

Currently, TRON, or TRX, is an ERC-20 token running on the Ethereum blockchain. On June 24th, TRX is migrating to the mainnet, an independent blockchain of the TRON-20 standard. That will turn TRX from a token to a standalone coin. The swapping of the token for the new coin is going to be enabled by several exchange platforms.

Is everybody transferring their TRX to exchanges for the swap? Should I do the same?

TRX token holders are transferring their TRX(ERC-20) to the exchanges because other wallets are not going to support the TRX coin. Freewallet is going to be one of the first apps to support TRX, so we can perform an instant swap for you.

What should I do to get my TRX?

If you hold any TRX(ERC-20) at the time of the mainnet launch, you will get an equivalent amount of TRX to your Crypto Wallet balance. And you don’t need to do anything.

How much TRX will I receive for my TRX(ERC-20)?

This will be a 1:1 swap, so it will not affect your balance. For every TRX(ERC-20) you will receive as many new TRX as you’ve held in your account before the mainnet launch.

How will the migration go for the Freewallet users?

The TRX token migration will begin on June 24th 0:00 AM (GMT+8). Right after that, we will launch the TRON Wallet on Android and will place TRX in the Crypto Wallet. Your new coins will be available right after you enter your account.

I’m not sure about it. I still wish to withdraw my TRX(ERC-20) and place it on an exchange

You are free to do so. But make sure to clarify the exchange’s deadline for TRX token deposits. As the migration is just around the corner, you might need to do it asap.



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