Where and how to Buy DigiByte in 2022

DigiByte (DGB), the crypto project born as a fork of Bitcoin, is among the crypto projects that most raise interest in crypto enthusiasts. 

There are many reasons why DigiByte is so popular: in this article, we will cover its features, its use cases, and the technical aspects that any trader should consider. 

And if you’re interested in DGB and want to know how and where to buy DigiByte, we will suggest you a reliable platform.

How to Buy DigiByte?

Freewallet offers you the possibility to integrate your DigiByte wallet with the platform. 

DigiByte (DGB) was added in 2018, expanding the number of supported cryptocurrencies. To be able to use all the services of Freewallet, you’ll just need to sign up, confirm your account and set your pin code to access the platform through an easy log-in. 

If you can’t find your DGB wallet on your dashboard, you can easily add it: 

  • Click on “Add wallets”;
  • Locate “DigiByte” or use the search bar to find it easily; 
  • Click on DigiByte (DGB) to add it to your wallet. 

Now, you’ll be able to exchange DGB for other coins or tokens, store DGB, receive and send them. 

Basically, you can fully manage your assets, thanks to the web app and the mobile application, and profit from a high level of personalization for your dashboard. 

How to Buy DigiByte in the USA

If you want to use DigiByte on Freewallet, you can buy other supported cryptocurrencies and exchange them for DGB – even if you’re from the USA. 

So, if you’re looking for where to buy DigiByte in the USA, Freewallet is one of the best places to buy DigiByte – even if you can’t directly purchase them with your cards. 

What Freewallet does is provide you with a wallet that can be integrated with your personal dashboard. The creation of a wallet address is straightforward and you can easily send there DGB coins to have them at your disposal while using Freewallet. 

Once you get your DGB, you can exchange them for other cryptocurrencies, or use other cryptos to get your DGB – as we will cover in detail later. 

Exchange DigiByte for Bitcoin and any cryptocurrency

Freewallet supports over 100 cryptocurrencies, and the number increased especially after its partnership with Changelly

That’s why it’s easy to find many possibilities to exchange DigiByte for other cryptocurrencies – and it actually represents a good option if you’re wondering where to buy DGB. 

Freewallet gives access to an all-in-one platform for those who want to send, receive, store their crypto assets – and to use them for everyday purchases, as we will see later. 

The process is frictionless and free – here’s a step-by-step guide. 

How to Make a DigiByte Exchange?

Freewallet gives you many options to make an exchange. 

You can use both the mobile application – that works on Android and iOs – and the web wallet. 

From your dashboard just click on “Exchange” and choose the pair you’re interested in. After this step, just add details and select the amount of cryptos you want to exchange. 

You can now confirm the transaction: it’s fast, easy, and fee-free. This system is the solution found by Freewallet to serve its scope: making cryptocurrencies available to a larger audience. Zero costs, a high number of cryptocurrencies supported and an easy procedure to complete exchanges make it simple for traders to follow their strategies – including diversification. 

But you can also benefit from another function of Freewallet. 

How to Sell DigiByte

On Freewallet you can use your cryptocurrencies to buy gift cards

You can also use DigiByte (DGB) to do that – you can use both the “Buy gift cards” option on your dashboard or buy directly from your DigiByte wallet: 

This feature allows you to use your DigiByte in an unusual way: all crypto users know that it can be hard to use cryptocurrencies to make purchases that everyone makes, but Freewallet offers the opportunity to adopt digital assets for a wider range of use cases. 

Hundreds of stores are available – including Amazon and Netflix. 

You can choose how to filter your search, to see only the gift cards available in your country, and choose among gift cards that cost from 1 USD to 1000 USD.  

This is for sure a useful way to make the most out of your cryptocurrencies: a higher number of use cases allow people to really use cryptocurrencies, making them not just assets suitable for investments, but a common way to make transactions and purchases. 

What is DigiByte (DGB)?

DigiByte (DGB) was born to improve the first crypto by market cap – Bitcoin. 

The founder of this project is a well-known personality in the crypto space: Jared Tate is not only the author of the first book ever written by a blockchain founder and developer, but he was also involved in the Bitcoin project since 2012. 

DigiByte is actually a fork of Bitcoin: the idea of this project started to be developed in 2013, but the first block dates back to 2014. 

From that moment, DigiByte became an open-source crypto project. There are many reasons why people ask how to buy DigiByte stock:

  • It works on an UTXO blockchain system – as well as Bitcoin: the unspent transaction output is maybe one of the easiest systems to make blockchains work easier and to solve problems related to double-spending.
  • The project is open source: it can rely on a strong community that can work on the project and improve it.
  • It actually brought all the positive features of Bitcoin in the decentralized space: DigiByte can be used for smart contracts and dApps (decentralized application), creating a flexible environment – more than Bitcoin.
  • It manages to support up to 1066 transactions per second at lower costs.
  • The project values transparency: as we said, it is open source. It works under the MIT license and it’s fully decentralized: any developer can build, use, modify the software, there are no central authorities. 
  • Even if you’re not a developer, and still want to benefit from the functions of DGB blockchain, you can easily build your assets thanks to the services provided by DigiByte
  • DigiByte created the Digi-ID: basically, this tool allows you to have access to all those websites and services that usually require your personal data, but without the need for passwords, usernames and so on. This system uses cryptography and users’ data are not stored on the blockchain. Moreover, this tool is free. 

The project managed to create a safe and fast blockchain, bringing together the strengths of Bitcoin and the most innovative use cases allowed by blockchain technology. 

Is DigiByte a Good Investment?

We don’t want to give you financial advice: no one really knows what will happen to the market, but it is still possible to take into account the objective features of each project to assess if it’s really reliable – and useful. 

Usefulness is usually what differentiates a trend from a long-term project, and we’ve already covered many of the reasons why DigiByte is considered by many as a long-lasting and successful project. 

But let’s have a look at some technical features. 

As you can imagine, DigiByte (DGB) has many similarities with Bitcoin: 

  • DGB uses Proof-of-Work (PoW) as a consensus mechanism, and this makes it possible to mine the native crypto of the project. DigiByte allows users to mine DGB by using five different algorithms, to give them freedom of choice according to their resources. 
  • DigiByte was created to have a limited supply: its supply is set to mine a maximum of 21 billion DGB. If you compare this quantity to the supply of Bitcoin – 21 million BTC – it might seem quite high, but we need to consider that DigiByte was realized to be suitable for mass adoption

DGB/USD price chart. Source: CoinMarketCap


DigiByte is widely considered an interesting crypto project for its capability to bring together Bitcoin and the decentralized world. 

If you’re interested in DigiByte, you can read our other dedicated articles on our DigiByte page



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