Where and How to Buy Tether (USDT)

Tether USDT is one of the most popular stablecoins available in the crypto space. 

Users who want to benefit from both the stability of fiat and blockchain technology prefer stablecoins. They use them to diversify their portfolios, earn strings of crypto passive income, and trade and buy goods. All these operations can be carried out also with USDT, and this article wants to tell you about how USDT works, and where to buy Tether if you’re interested in this crypto. 

How to Buy USDT?

There are many crypto exchanges available to crypto enthusiasts: each has different characteristics, goals, fees and features. But the most important thing is that you should check their reliability before using them. 

Among crypto exchanges, Freewallet aims at collecting the necessary features to offer users a crypto hub: from buying to managing, you can use the same platform. 

The first step to acquiring cryptos is, of course, buying. So, if you intend to own some USDT, you should know there are at least three ways to buy Tether on Freewallet:

  • After signing up to Freewallet, you’ll have access to a control panel where you can buy and manage USDT. From there, you can choose to buy USDT with your card, and deposit it in a dedicated wallet.
  • The platform also gives you the option to buy Tether on the mobile application. You can download two apps: the multicurrency wallet, which allows you to manage all the cryptos supported by Freewallet; the dedicated USDT wallet, designed specifically for Tether. 
  • The intuitive exchange available on Freewallet’s homepage, which can be used also without registration: just select USDT, choose the currency, enter the wallet address and use your card to pay. 

Freewallet uses two partners to process payments – namely Moonpay and Simplex – so don’t worry if you’re redirected to a different website when you buy on Freewallet!

How to Buy USDT in the USA

It’s important to point out that even if Tether is mainly linked to the US dollar, the crypto is issued by a Hong Kong based company founded in 2014, Tether. This means that in the US, USDT has no special treatment: the country follows the regulatory framework used to regulate digital assets, also when it comes to Tether. 

Especially due to the recent crypto crash, which also involved stablecoins, the US regulatory framework might become tighter, and in any case, regulators are keeping a close eye on this kind of assets. 

Nevertheless, if you’re from the US, you can buy USDT as long as you use compliant and regulated exchanges, in line with US directives. 

Freewallet is one of these exchanges, and you can easily follow the steps listed in this article if you’re interested in buying USDT. 

Exchange USDT for Bitcoin and any cryptocurrency

Freewallet also allows you to make exchanges. When you already own cryptocurrencies, you can decide to exchange them for any other supported asset. 

This is possible because you can create wallets directly on the platform: this helps you to transfer cryptos also if you store them anywhere else. 

Just click on “Add wallets” and you’ll find all the supported cryptos: browse them and choose the right one, then click on “Receive” and the address will appear. This step is useful also when you want to buy cryptos via the homepage exchange and you don’t own the appropriate wallet. 

Please, consider that Freewallet supports USDT on the Ethereum blockchain, so make sure to choose the right network if you’re planning to make a transfer from another exchange and correctly process your on-chain transaction

Once you get your crypto wallet address, both on the web version or applications, you can transfer your tokens and coins and use them to make an exchange

How to Make a USDT Exchange?

From your dashboard, select “Exchange coins”. You’ll see your available balances, among which you can choose the pair you’re interested in. 

Select the crypto you want to exchange and the asset you want to get, and just complete the transaction after choosing the amount of the token. All details can be checked before completing the exchange, to avoid any mistakes. 

How to Sell USDT

Cryptocurrency adoption is for sure one of the most effective measures that could lead to a reduction of volatility. Even if this intrinsic characteristic of digital assets is not always negative, crypto enthusiasts might want to see more opportunities to actually use their assets as an everyday currency. 

Willing to support this need, which actually could avoid crypto users being obliged to sell their tokens and exchange them for fiat, Freewallet developed a feature that allows people to use cryptocurrencies for everyday purchases. 

Thanks to the “Buy Gift Card” feature, you can buy from hundreds of stores without needing to get rid of your digital currencies. 

These gift cards are available on your dashboard: once you click on the button, you’ll see all available options and decide to filter them to easily reach the store you’re looking for. 

You can decide to sort stores by popularity or choose to see only the cards available in your country. Stores like Amazon and Walmart are included in the list. Now, you can choose to use these cards for yourself or make a gift – that can range from $1 to $1000. 

What is Tether (USDT)?

Now that we’ve seen how you can get USDT, you might want to know something more about this stablecoin. Let’s start with a definition: in the crypto space, stablecoins are those digital currencies whose value is pegged to a particular fiat currency. This means that if a coin is pegged to the US dollar, its price will be 1 dollar – even if it can lose the peg in rare cases. 

USDT/USD price over time. Source: CoinMarketCap.

This means that if you want to purchase a good that costs $6, you know that you’re going to spend 6 USDT. Stablecoins are an excellent way to match stability and the benefits of blockchain technology – like faster, transparent, and less expensive transactions. 

This is the idea behind Tether: as mentioned, the company was founded in 2014 to gather the benefits of fiat and cryptos. The company states that it uses its reserves to guarantee the peg – you can check updated data on the Transparency page of the company. 

Is Tether a Good Investment?

The most honest answer is it depends on your needs. No investment can be considered good in absolute terms, but each one can be analyzed according to factors like investors’ goals and the reliability of the project. 

We can assess that Tether is a good investment for those who look for high-volume speculative operations, who look for stability, or want to use cryptos as long-term investments. 

In fact, you can stake Tether: this means that you can choose to receive rewards over time for the simple fact that you decide to use a staking service to hodl your Tether – returns are more in line with traditional investments, being stablecoins less risky than other cryptocurrencies. 

Moreover, Tether can be used on different blockchains, making you able to further control the fees you’re willing to pay for your transactions. 

Last but not least, the project takes regulations seriously: as reported by the company, AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations are followed thanks to their strict KYC (Know Your Customer) process. 

So, even if the token has no max supply – new tokens are issued “on-demand” – its consensus algorithm aims at increasing the value of the token over time. 


USDT is, without doubt, a very popular stablecoin that fits the needs of those who want to use cryptocurrencies without giving up on stability. 

In this article, we’ve covered the topic to help you better understand how this stablecoin works and where to buy USDT if you’re interested in this asset. 

Even though we gave you only objective, true, and publicly available information, always Do Your Own Research before investing in any asset!



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