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Top blockchain blogs to follow in 2020

A list of the most interesting and useful cryptocurrency blogs to follow. We’ve gathered media, vlogs and blogs about trading, market analysis, Q&A, etc.

Why Bitcoin has value

Almost any conversation about Bitcoin sooner or later turns into a discussion about what gives Bitcoin value. Skeptical people argue that it doesn’t really have any value, while others see BTC as digital gold with almost infinite potential. So who’s right? There are several aspects to consider.

How to earn Bitcoin in 2020

Bitcoin still attracts more and more enthusiasts with no previous knowledge of cryptocurrency. In this article, we share the most popular ways to earn BTC these days.

Cryptocurrency Books to Read

In this article we will take a look at the top ten books on digital assets and the distributed ledger system, which will help you boost your knowledge of the technology and industry.

Freewallet Review by CoinShark

We are happy to announce the latest Freewallet review published on CoinShark.

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Hash Rate Explained

Definition of hash rate and its measurement methods; how mining difficulty affects the hash rate of cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Forks

Everything you need to know about hard forks and soft forks of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Why they happen, why developers need them and what coins are forks of other cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency margin trading explained

What is margin trading in the cryptocurrency sphere; a few useful tips for beginners; exchanges to do margin trading.

How to mine with a CPU

This article will help you figure out how to start mining on your processor and how profitable it is.

The biggest beginner mistakes in cryptocurrency trading

The topic of mistakes made by beginners who decided to try their hand in trading is not new and has been discussed many times in the communities of stock, commodity and currency traders. Now it’s time to take a look at the missteps often made by those who venture into the wild world of cryptocurrency trading for the first time.

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