We are happy to announce the latest Freewallet review published on CoinShark.

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In its Freewallet review, CoinShark explores the platform’s available currencies, registration process, provided services, features and security measures. The publication highlights the wide range of supported coins and tokens. Today Freewallet users can manage over 100 assets.

“Some currencies can be purchased with a bank card which is great for beginners entering the crypto space. Currently, coins available for purchase with this method are BCH, BNB, BTC, DASH, ETH, EOS, LTC, TRX, XLM, and XRP” – according to CoinShark.

Also, the publication emphasized the importance of the built-in exchange at Freewallet: “Currently, Freewallet users can convert more than 100 assets. In addition, 54 of those coins and ERC20 tokens are supported by new exchange technology that allows them to be transferred within a couple of minutes. This type of exchange is also characterized by better rates and enhanced anonymity.” 

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